Thursday, December 9, 2010

Meet the Parents (Part Two)

So this past weekend M met not only my parents but my sister and BIL (brother-in-law) at our house upstate where we spent the weekend and celebrated Hanukkah. All in all I think it went really well! Here are the details...

We picked up Sister and BIL (along with Fiona their dog) at the airport on Thursday night. We went back to M's place where Poppy was waiting to say hi to everyone! She was so excited to see Sister and Bil (thanks again to them for taking care of her when she was just a little puppy). We left Fiona and Poppy to have some doggie bonding while we went to grab some dinner. BIL and M seemed to get along quite well, guy things I guess. Sister and I were happy because there was a salad bar (seriously, you want to see me jump for joy give me a salad bar). After dinner we just headed back to M's place, walked the dogs and then stayed up chatting for a bit before going to sleep.
The next morning we got ready, picked up some bagels and hit the road up to Saratoga. After some seat rearranging (Poppy preferred to be in the backseat with me) we were situated and enjoyed a stress free ride upstate. Did you know there is a Hanukkah channel on XM radio? Well, we found it and had a blast with it in the car. The ride took less than three hours and were home and it was time for M to meet Mom and Dad (and Trixie their dog)! We walked in and once the introductions had been made M fit right in. We headed right out to grab some lunch (another salad bar, could this weekend get any better?!) and then look at some houses with Sister and BIL. They are thinking of moving to New York and some of the houses we looked at were amazing! I hope they move up here, it would be so great to have my sister closer than FL. Once we were all house hunted out we headed home and had a little bit of time to rest before my parents took us out to an amazing dinner! We went to a wonderful place called Lake Ridge and all I can say about dinner is "OMG!!!!" Yes, it was that delicious! I was so stuffed afterwards I couldn't wait to go home and just put on comfy pants and lounge on the couch. So, that is pretty much what I did as soon as I walked in the door. Meanwhile, my Dad and M decided to go out for a nightcap, so the two of them headed out to a bar in town called 9 Maple which has the largest selection of scotched in New York State. I have no idea what time they got home, I was already asleep.
In the morning I had to wake up M because BIL wanted M to join him to get bagels for breakfast. They headed off while my Dad and I squeezed fresh OJ and I tried to squeeze information about the before out of him! He had three scotches (after the champagne and two bottles of wine from dinner) so he couldn't remember what he and M talked about! Grrrrr. Anyway, after breakfast everyone went their own way. M and I stayed at the house for a while so I could have an extra rest b/c I had not slept well the night before. Once we were ready to head out we went to the main street in town, Broadway. We walked around and did a little shopping and grabbed a bite for lunch. After than I drove M around Saratoga a bit so he could get more of a fell for the town, we stopped at the grocery store for my Mom and then headed home. The house was in full swing getting ready for our annual Vodkas and Latkes Hanukkah party! My Dad made about eight pounds of latkes and we each contributed another dish. Friends and neighbors stopped by and it was a ton of fun! Not a bottle of vodka left at night's end! Once the house was cleaned up Mom, Sister, M and I stayed up playing a game of Apples to Apples and talking. Mom asked M about our first date and our relationship, it was very cute because she basically already knows everything, but she was hearing it from M's point of view.
At some point we all hit a wall and decided to call it a night.
The next morning we went for a yummy breakfast/lunch in town and hit Target (living in NYC I always look forward to a Target run anywhere I am). Them M and I hit the road to come back to real life (not that I wanted to). The whole weekend was really fun and like I said, I think M fit right in. My family all liked him, they have already told me. It was so important to me that this weekend went well, because as much as I love M having my family love him too makes all of this more real.

So, I know I have not been the best about blogging just doing these weekly super long updates. I will try to be better!!


Dee Stephens said...

The next step? Parents meet the Parents!
That's always a fun one. I posted about it on my blog when we did it. Check it out!

The Frisky Virgin said...

I was totally going to say what Dee said: Parents Meet The Parents--next step.

Oh, this is so much fun to read!! While my hair is being publicly abused by my wacky date and his equally bizarre, Bellatrix Lestrange-like sidekick, it's awfully nice to come here and read about a truly flourishing relationship. It's refreshing! :)

MCW said...

I love that I "knew" you before M and get to see this grow. It is so exciting!