Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Much in Common

So, I got an e-mail the other day from a guy who not only talked about how much we have in common, but made it the subject of his e-mail. His picture wasn't exactly promising, but I guess who knows? Not every picture you take is a winner, and plus, he did seem like a nice guy! I mean taking the time to read my profile and point out some of the things we do have in common. So I decided I had to e-mail him back. But before I did, I decided to give him the same courtesy and read his profile. His other pictures were better and he sounded like a nice guy. Looks like we did have a few things in common. So I kept reading, and there it was...under religion "Christian/Catholic" so clearly not a match. I just find it funny that he talked about all we have in common when it clearly states in my profile that being Jewish is important to me and that I ONLY want to date Jewish men. Look, I have nothing against people who date all other religious affiliations, but its my choice. I feel like I have posted this issue before, but it really just annoys me. Its like no, you didn't really read my profile, you just looked at my pictures and moved on. I won't lie, I look at the pictures too! But I also read the profile. My accomplice and I can tell you that we have e-mailed quite a few people whose profiles were just too funny or clever to pass up, regardless of the photo. I am not going to be all righteous and say looks don't matter, they do. You should be attracted to someone, but come on! At least give the profile (I mean the written words) a quick perusal before you go on talking about how we have so much in common.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I wish...

Well, I wish alot of things, and don't we all really? But right now I wish I had something to post on here. I saw the comment about not posting in a while, and believe me, I want to! I love keeping this blog as a clearing house for my thoughts on this whole "Operation 3.0" thing. However, there is NOTHING to report. Work has been crazy for me this past week and will be until Friday, so I have neglected my duties. I have been invited to some speed dating events, but I really haven't had the time (not to mention the money). So it looks like "Operation 3.0" is at somewhat of a standstill. Any ideas of what I can do to get things back on track?