Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hills Are Alive...

With the Sound of Music....

That is perhaps one of my all time favorite movies. It is my mom's favorite and I guess it sort of rubbed off on me. So when i found out that there was going to be a Sound of Music sing along all over the country on Tuesday, I had to go! So I told M about my love for all things Julie Andrews, musical, and obviously the references to World War II (for those who don't know, I work in Holocaust education). He was down with going and we were off! But not before I let my brother-in-law (BIL) know about the event and begged him to take my sister. That way it would be like a two state double date. Plus, the songs in the movie were the songs my sister and I used to sing when we would put on shows for the family, I knew she would have a great time!
Anyway, double date aside, I had so much fun! I sang my little heart out and just enjoyed every minute of that movie. What is funny is that I always knew what it was about and what the messages were, but I felt them so much more strongly as an adult. What a beautiful film. One that M had never seen, so I was even more excited to introduce him to it. He said he enjoyed it too, but I think he enjoyed watching me totally dork out to the sing along! No matter, it was such a fun night.

In other M news...I am meeting his parents on Friday night for dinner!

Monday, October 25, 2010

P.S. I Love You

Yup...Love Love Love. That word has been said and said again between M and I. A few weeks ago, I was walking home from work and listening to my ipod when like a ton of bricks I realized that I loved M. I didn't say anything and we went off to Bear Mountain for Crusher's wedding. M was wonderful and I really did fall in love with him when he said "I feel like our meeting and our relationship is like a movie...actually because it's with you, it would be a musical." (for those of you who know me, you know how I feel about musicals!!) But, for some reason I just couldn't say it. It was not an issue of wanting him to say it first, I think I was just scared to let him know how I was feeling.
Then the next weekend we up to his Alma mater with some friends of his for a football game. After a VERY long drive, we headed out to their favorite bar where I watched as he and his fraternity brother chatted and I got to know the other people with us. Every now and then I would catch M looking at me and he would just smile. I think that's when I knew he loved me too. At the end of the night the bar plays a song that reminds me of my grandfather every time I hear it. I started to cry, a little at first, then full blown water works. M just held me and let me use his shoulder as a tissue. He knew that this part of the night would be hard for me as it had been exactly one year since my grandfather's passing, so hearing what I always thought of as 'his song' was really sad. When we got back to the hotel, M looked at me and just said, "I can't keep it in anymore, I love you" and I just smiled and said it right back, and told him that I had been feeling it for a while. The rest of the weekend was kind of blur of football, drinking, and eating.
We went apple picking and to a pumpkin patch on the way back to NYC and the whole time I was thinking, "He loves me...woo hoo!!"
During the week we talked almost daily (which has been going on for a while). Then on Thursday night we ordered in dinner and just watched TV together. He got some work done and I worked on looking for a new job (nothing new there). On Friday night we had a late Shabbat dinner at my friends M&J's place, with their adorable baby S! She is such a cutie, I loved getting to spend some time with her and watch her smile and try to eat her little fingers. We enjoyed a great dinner and wonderful conversation and I think they liked M. I know he liked my friends and had a great time with them. Saturday we had a late breakfast before I had to go to work, we met up later that night to head out to NJ to act as chaperons to his brother and sister's Halloween party. Heading back into the city on Sunday morning, I couldn't help thinking about what it would be like to really make a life with M. I had never though about that kind of stuff before, I almost refused to allow myself to think about it. Telling myself that all of it just might not happen for me. but with M, I can't help it! I want see what it would be like, I want to be with him, start a life with him, have all of those things I never thought I would.
I can't say that I know what is going to happen, but I am so happy and so excited to see what happens next.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You've Got to Have Friends

I was looking over all of your comments to my last post and I have to say thanks for all of your words of support. For those of you who know me, or only know me through my blog, you know that this whole process has been a difficult, sometimes funny, and many time emotional one. I have loved sharing some of my awesome dating stories with you and most of all, I love hearing all of the advice from the blogger community.
That said I noticed a post that reminded me not to ignore my relationship with friends and with myself. I have to say that is the last thing I would ever want to do! I relish my alone time, and have had the last few nights to myself to think not only about M, but about me and my life. As for my friends....I love my friends! You have all been so great to me for so many years. Just because M is in my life, why would I ever throw that away?! Even though I am so excited to be seeing M again this weekend, that didn't stop me from making plans with some of my girlfriends for the weeks ahead. I love spending time with them! I am looking forward to my brunches at Calle Ocho, my girl's night out dinners, and trips to Target. Of course I would love for M to get to know my friends and visa versa, and I am sure it will happen organically. But I am not walking away from my friendships (and if any of my gals felt like I was, I am me, let's make plans!!!!).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I keep falling more and more for M the more time I spend with him and this past weekend was no exception. We met on Thursday night and headed down to the Bowery Ballroom for a Fountains of Wayne concert I had gotten tickets for a while ago. I love that band and I was so happy to introduce M to them (he said he really liked it). It was a great show in a very cool venue I had never been to before. I still didn't get called up onto the stage for "Hey Julie" but I will keep going to concerts until I do! M told me I should and I won't lie, I fell for him a bit more that night.
On Friday M and I made our way down to South Street Seaport to wait in line for TKTS. The line is so much shorter than Times Square and offers all of the same shows, so why not take a trip downtown? It was a beautiful day, so we walked around a bit before heading to our next stop (and M's choice) Eataly. Now, I had not really heard too much about this place (other than my dad mentioning something about it and now he is super jealous). It is an Italian food market/hall that opened with some of the most delicious looking foods I have ever seen! You can buy everything you need there to prepare a truly gourmet meal. M and I walked around a bit (and funnily enough even ran into my old roomie and her family!) and then decided we had to eat. There are different seating options and we chose the pasta/pizza area. I am so glad we did! We ordered a glass of white wine each and the tore into the bread and olive oil that we were served. Honestly? I would bathe in this olive oil, it was that good! We then shared a roasted pumpkin and butternut squash lasagna ( words!) and a margarita pizza with fresh tomato sauce (also, amazing). And of course since we were in Eataly, we finished off our day there with some fresh gelato! I won't lie, the place is crowded, but totally worth it!
After our amazing lunch, we headed back up to my place to make a quick change and have some playtime with Poppy before we headed out to see "Billy Elliot." Now, I have waited so long to see that show, and M didn't really have a preference on what to see, so off we went. Let me just say that I loved it!! I loved it sooo much! I was a huge theater person all through high school and college, so I always feel a little sad seeing shows knowing it isn't my world anymore, but when a show is great, it makes me so happy and this show is great! I know M had a great time, he said he liked the show alot, but what he really liked was watching how much I enjoyed it. Yup, falling again for M.
Saturday was the day of the wedding so we walked Poppy, started to get ready and headed out to CT. I was so excited for M to meet my friends! We had a great ride in the car, singing to songs and just talking the whole way. We got to my friend's hotel room where we were changing and it felt like everyone just got along smoothly, like we were all old friends. I was laughing so hard I was starting to cry, but there wasn't time for that! We had to get to the church!
What a lovely wedding! Everything about it was just so perfect for my beautiful friend Crusher! She made a gorgeous bride, and the smile on her face was contagious! The wedding was full of fall colors and sunflowers, and it was just a beautiful moment that I was very happy to be a part of. After the ceremony we had a bit of a drive to the reception location. We caravaned over to Bear Mountain and checked into our lodge. M and I were put in a room at the back of the lodge (there were six rooms total) and it was the only room that smelled like smoke. Oh well, we made the best of it (although we noticed our bathroom was super tiny and the red light from the exit sign in our room made it difficult to sleep). The reception was so much fun! We danced and ate and drank and I think everyone had an all around great time! We hung out at the after party and then everyone had it and went to bed (or in M and my case, we went back to the Red Light District).
The next morning we woke up and headed to the brunch (or hiked rather). After which we all headed our separate ways home. It was such a wonderful wedding and I can't wait to see my friends again! I know they loved M and he really had fun with them too.
Once we were home, M said he would stay for a bit before heading on his way. We went out to grab some lunch and wound up sitting there for over three hours. We just talked alot about where this is going and how much we are enjoying being with each other. The whole time we are talking my heart is telling me how much I care about him, but I just can't bring myself to tell him the big L word. I know it seems like it is fast, but when you know, you know. Right? We walked back to my place and M said he was just going to stay and head into work from my place so we could keep talking about everything. It was possibly one of the best nights we have had together, we just stayed up talking, there was no cookie, no kissy face, just talking about how we feel, about what we want, and how much we want to be together. We fell asleep and in the morning he cuddled with me a bit before he had to leave to work. And I fell for him some more.
We have plans to go away again this weekend and I cannot wait to see him again and spend more and more time with him. My friend Z (at the wedding) told me I'm done, maybe I am....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Me to the Church on Time

Yay! This weekend is my friend Crusher's wedding! I can't wait to see her in what I am sure will be a beautiful wedding dress (and some sparkly shoes). I have known Crusher since our freshman year of college. And even though we lost touch for a bit, I am so happy that we reconnected and I can be there to watch her get married. This is also the wedding where M will be meeting some more of my friends (including my best friend and accomplice). We have talked about it and we are both very excited to be spending the weekend together (we are actually spending the whole weekend from Thursday night on together). And I don't think he is nervous at all about it. To be honest, neither am I. I just know that we fit so well together and I feel like my friends are going to see that.
So I am sure I will have so much more to update when we get back! And I can't wait!

Mazel Tov Crusher and Ass Wild!!!