Friday, May 21, 2010


I just have to take the time to give a big Mazel Tov to my friends J & M who welcomed a beautiful little baby girl about three weeks ago. I went to visit little baby S this week and she is just an adorable little peanut. I held her for about an hour and just couldn't get enough (although I think she had enough of me and was ready to eat when I was leaving!).
Of course I took some pictures of me holding her and I sent them to my mom; who before looking at them asked if these were going to be my new dating profile pictures. Ha! Could you imagine?! I wonder what would go through a guy's mind if he looked at the profiles of his matches and scrolls to a woman holding a newborn baby.

See? Just a peanut!

Anyway, spending time with S and her mom really made my day. She is adorable and is one lucky little girl to have such amazing parents. Congratulations again Mom and Dad and to your families as well!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jewish Members Only, Please

So, as I said, I signed back onto Jdate. It is a site I was on for about a minute when I first moved to NYC and quickly realized I wasn't meeting anyone. But with their deal of 50% off, I guess I was the sucker born that minute. I signed on today so that I could try to rewrite my profile and maybe upload a picture of my new hair. I decided I would do a quick search just to see who some of the people Jdate thought could be my matches are. I clicked the search button and started to fill out the things I was looking for....

I am a woman (check) looking for a man (check) between the ages of 30-infinity (check). Okay maybe not infinity, but someone actually told me I should look much older because at this point, beggars can't be choosers. Awesome. All right, back to the checks, within 10 miles of 100XX (check). Show members with pictures (check). Show only profiles of Jewish Members (check).

What?! Wait a minute, isn't this Jdate? A Jewish dating website? And you are asking me if I want to see profiles of non Jewish members? Color me confused. Of course I only want to look at Jewish members!!! That was the whole reason I signed back onto Jdate in the first place. When I was doing all the e-mails I got were from non-Jews. So I thought that by going to a place that was supposed to be meet my needs that wouldn't be the case. Now, I have said it before, I will say it again; I know many people (dating and married) who are Jewish and non Jewish and very happy (and I won't lie, some not so happy, but that happens regardless sometimes). It is just not something for me. Being Jewish is a part of who I am and I want to share that with someone. So Jdate, if you're reading (and I might even send you a letter to this effect) please realize the reason that many of your members are there (looking for someone Jewish) and don't become, but be the place where a Jewish girl can go to try to find a match to make her and her mother happy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

What I Got for Mom

So Mother's Day just passed last weekend and I think I got my mom something very clever! Besides the Banana Republic shirts that my sisters and I got for her (which I am sure she loved), I went one step further in my quest to make my mom happy. I joined Jdate (again)!

Now, the main reason I didn't join before was because it was really so expensive. I mean, I am a nice Jewish girl working for a Jewish non-profit. I can't afford all these dating sites, events, and whatnot. But Jdate decided to run a special deal just for our Jewish mothers....half off! Seriously? Half off?! Okay sign me up! So, I did...six months at half off. Of course I told me mom about this gift and she has asked me everyday since if I am using it. "Are you using my Mother's Day present?" she always asks!

So far, I have signed on and taken a look around. I need to update my profile, I have no pictures of my new haircut which I need to add. And I really my accomplice to help me write me profile which is seriously out of date. Plus, doing the whole online thing is more fun with her anyway!

As for mom...I am going to be visiting her a few times this summer. Maybe we can use her gift together.