Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Problem solved!?

So, I was kind of bored today at work, which is something that happens every now and again. Anyway, I was looking at my yahoo homepage and there was an article that caught my eye. I am pasting it here...

According to relationship experts at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, romantic comedies give people unrealistic ideas about love and sex, and cause them to "fail to communicate with their partner." Here's more:
Psychologists at the family and personal relationships laboratory at the university studied 40 top box office hits between 1995 and 2005, and identified common themes which they believed were unrealistic.
The university's Dr Bjarne Holmes said: "Marriage counselors often see couples who believe that sex should always be perfect, and if someone is meant to be with you then they will know what you want without you needing to communicate it. We now have some emerging evidence that suggests popular media play a role in perpetuating these ideas in people's minds. The problem is that while most of us know that the idea of a perfect relationship is unrealistic, some of us are still more influenced by media portrayals than we realize."
Do you think this is true? Is real-life romance a big ol' letdown? Sure, lots of people like the idea of a perfect man or "happily ever after," but does that mean we're all unable to separate fantasy from reality?
Also, have you ever had an experience that could have been right out of a romantic movie (think John Cusack holding up a boom box)?

Well, there you have it! My love of movies and TV (and probably books too, but so many people forget about reading!) have ruined my chances for meeting anyone. I am so jaded by Tom Hanks standing at the Empire State Building and Richard Gere falling for a hooker and "nobody puts Baby in the corner" that I'll never meet anyone!

Come on! I mean I am a realist and I know that these are just movies, stories made to entertain us. Sure they make us a little more hopeful that we can meet someone who loves us and who we love in return. But do I really think that the next time I am on the train and someone steps on my toe we are going to fall madly in love? I don't think so.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Calling all accomplices!

So far "Operation 3.0" has been all right. I won't call it a success, but I won't call it a failure either. I have done things I didn't think I would ever do, speed dating anyone? And I have e-mailed more men on then I care to number (needless to say I meet my quota every month). However, things just do not seem to be rolling along. This has become more a lesson in not losing your self esteem completely than anything else. I do get a rare e-mail from someone on match now and again, either from "bigblackman" and others like him, or from much older Jewish guys who look sort of like my dad. I just don't feel like writing back even though I know I should. I know that some people (mom) will say I am just too picky. I'll admit that I just might be, but I also know that I don't want to lower my expectations. Oh my goodness, remember that skit on Mad TV "Lowered Expectations" that what I need to find? If you don't know what I am talking about, please go look it up on You Tube!
Anyway, I am asking all you readers and accomplices out there for help. Please share your ideas on what else I can or should do. I will of course read your thoughts and comments and maybe even act on them. If you know who I am and know a guy you think I would like, hook it up! Come on people, I don't think I can do this alone. Your support is so great and your help would be even greater! Think of it as a mitzvah or a good deed during the Holiday season.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I am a Virgo

Even though I know my sign, that doesn't mean I'm a big believer in all of that stuff. I don't know which signs I am compatible with and would go out on a date with a Pisces or a Taurus. It doesn't matter. I do however read my horoscope. I just think its a fun thing to do and sometimes it is so totally off base it gives me a good laugh during the day. Recently I got a good one though that actually spoke to this Little Match Girl. I just thought I should share it here since it seems to fit with the theme of this blog (and maybe my life in general).

You're creative, charming and good-looking. Your advances in just about any endeavor will be warmly encouraged. That ought to give you something to think about. Don't wait. This doesn't last forever.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up Up and...

Well, not away, but the date with "B" last night was definitely a step up from previous dates in my life! We met at a central location so it would be easy for both of us to catch trains home, since we live in totally different areas. I thought that was fair for both of us.
Anyway, I'll admit that after the stalking, e-mail games, and cancelled date, I was not too excited to meet his guy. It was like a whole series in mixed messages and I just don't like all this game playing as I have mentioned before. So needless to say I was in a bit of a funk most of the day and not really looking forward to going out.
I got there and put on my happy face and decided to just make the best of it. My mom gave me a stern talking to during the day about how you never know and all that. So, I was surprised that I was actually having a decent time. Now, let me just be clear, me having a good time does not mean that I am all about "B" now. Believe me, I already sent a few more e-mails on match!
I just didn't have a horrible time and I could totally see hanging out with "B" again.
We just sat and talked for about an hour a half. We had a little bite to eat and I kind of felt like I was hanging out with a friend. I will say that on my part there was no attraction at all. That's not to say that kind of thing can't change, I am just putting it out there. We talked about our families and growing up in totally different places. I'm from Miami, he is from upstate NY. We talked about the holiday season, since its here and so much fun! He actually grew up celebrating Christmas in his home and not Hanukkah, I grew up in a Jewish home, where Christmas was something we watched our neighbors do (seriously, they have been on the "Today" show with their insane decorations!!). I'm sorry, and I have said it before, but I just want to meet a nice Jewish boy who I can bring home to mom (don't lie mom, that's what you want too). I just don't think "B" fits that bill. And to people that celebrate both, this is not a comment about that, its more a comment about what I want in my life and what kind of home I want to create with whoever I wind up with. But before you get all upset with me, I am not writing him off, I am just saying that right now I don't think this could be a match, but I am willing to give it another try. Now for more date details...
So we sat down and he told me he was not drinking, I'm sorry, but I needed a drink so I ordered a beer. For dinner I just ordered a soup he ordered an appetizer and dinner. Let me explain about my soup, I am not one of those girls who doesn't eat, in fact, I love food! But I had a late lunch and I love french onion soup, so I couldn't resist and it was totally filling. The conversation flowed fairly well with very few periods of silence. While I made him laugh a few times, he didn't really do the same for me. But I do love to make people laugh, so that's good I guess. Although i would have liked to chuckle a few time, oh well.
So, onto the end of the date when the check comes. This is always a tense moment for me since I have been on quite a few dates where the guy expects me to pay. So when the bill came I made my usual reach for my wallet and asked if I should pay. His response was "only if you want to." Really? This was another red flag about "B" for me. Listen up should always pay for the first date. Its just the right thing to do! So I just kind of sat there dumbfounded at that response and he was like "never mind, I'll get it." Okay, so that was a bit weird and a strange way to end the date. He walked me to the train and I gave him a little hug. All in all, it was not horrible but there were just no sparks for me.
Okay, so now comment away people, I know you're dying to!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Um, so it is Tuesday before my date with "B" tomorrow and I have not heard from him. Granted we spoke on the phone last week to make these plans, but there should be some sort of confirmation this week right? I mean we never even finalized where to go. Is he expecting me to just wait around until tomorrow? He can call me at 7 and I can be somewhere by 8?
Now, please correct me if I am wrong, because this whole dating thing is not something I'm too familiar with (I admit it and perhaps another post will be about my non-existent dating history). I just feel like at least forty eight hours is not too much to ask. I know he said he was busy with work and stuff, but guess what "B"? So is everyone! You are not the only busy person in the world or in NYC for that matter! I just feel like it is a respect thing, and by not getting in touch its showing that he really doesn't care all that much about meeting me at all. At least that is the impression he is making on me. So, tell I right? Or totally off base?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ring ring...

So, after one of my earlier posts I got into a fight with my youngest sister. We have since made up, I mean why fight about silly stuff like my non existing dating life? I then talked to my mom about said fight and sister. After these conversations which really made me feel great about myself, I decided to just stop being passive and do something. I gave "B" my number.
Now, once again this may seem like no big deal. But I think if you have been following, "B" was not exactly making me feel excited about the prospect of meeting. From the long wait between e-mails to the cancelled date, I was not really feeling like he was into it. That only made me feel less excited about the whole thing. But I figured, why not? If he doesn't call then at least I know I had the last word (something I love to get, I'll admit).
But surprise, "B" called! I could not believe it when I walked in the door and had a message from him. My cell phone had been on silent, so I did miss the call. I did call him back though (see, mom? aren't you proud?). We had a nice conversation and made a date for this week, so of course I will keep you posted on that.
After we got off the phone I called the sister of the mentioned fight, maybe I should call it an argument. I figured she would know how much it took for me to not only give out my number, but to call too. And I won't lie, I kind of was showing off that I did all that to the person who pushed me the most. She asked me all about the conversation and what "B" sounded like. I wish I could give details, but when I thought about it I realized that the conversation wasn't bad, it was nice, but not memorable. Here are some of the questions and answers from my sister:
Sister: Was he nice?
Me: Yeah, he seemed nice, nothing really stood out in the conversation. Oh! Except that his parents were hippies.
Sister: Did he have a deep voice? Did he sound like Dad?
Me: Not really deep, and I think it would have been weird if he did sound like Dad. But his voice wasn't girly or anything like that.
Sister: Did he make you laugh?
Me: Not really, but hopefully he will!
So that's it! Let's see if this Wed actually happens. As I pointed out to my sister last night, there is nowhere to go but up. I mean from the guy in magenta who lives with his parents to the swinging on a second date, I can't see how it could get much worse!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feeling old

I went to an event last night that was a fundraiser that a friend asked me to go to. So I paid my money and thought, you never know I just might meet someone. I met up with some of my girlfriends and in we went (okay, after doing a short lap around the shops at Bryant Park). I went up to the bar, I was not about to turn down my free cocktails, and walked around the place. Well, I would say that the majority of the people there were in their early 20's. Now, I am not saying that's a bad thing, but this is "Operation 3.0" for a reason, namely I am going to be 30. So hooking up with a 20 something isn't exactly what I am looking for. But, no matter, I was determined to have fun anyway. I didn't want to let my cute outfit go to waste after all. However, I think other than the free drinks the event was sort of a bust. I had fun with my friends, talked to a couple of people and went home. So maybe I felt a little bit like and old lady, but I did go, and that's half the battle right? Just to get myself out there.
It may not have been a success in the way some of you are thinking. But I think for me it was good to just go out and do something a little different. For those of you reading who know me, you know why. But for those that don't, here is some insight into this Little Match Girl, I'm not big on social event stuff. There are alot of reasons for this, but mainly, I just get nervous being with lots of people I don't know. So it has kept me from doing some things, but I have gotten so much better so yay for me! Wow, that kind of makes me sound like a hermit, but that's not it either. I just like to stay where I am comfortable with people that I know. So this whole getting out there, "Operation 3.0" thing is a big deal for me! Yay!! So no more pity parties, I am trying, and I know some people may not think its enough or the best way. But I am doing things my way, I am pretty proud of myself! :-)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another one bites the dust?

So, "B" finally e-mailed me yesterday about our plans for Wed! Well, he e-mailed to say he can't make it. This whole back and forth is getting a bit ridiculous. And frankly I have plans already on Saturday, so I am not rearranging my schedule to suit him at this point. I told him what my schedule looks like and I guess we'll see. But I won't lie, "B" has gotten on my nerves so much I don't know if I even want to meet him. My accomplice said that I have already made up my mind and I should just forget it because chances are if I do meet him, I probably wouldn't even give him a fair chance. I know she is right, but I thought I would take to the blog and see what you guys think. So, should I give "B" a chance or just move on?
Then the issue becomes, move on to what? I sent out another barrage of e-mails this weekend with my accomplice. I have not gotten any responses. When do you get to the point that it doesn't bother you anymore? My mother says you have to treat this whole thing like a job and just keep going. But if you do that its really not fun anymore. Besides, how much rejection should one person have to take? I'll just have to save the e-mail from"bigblackman" to remind me that there are some people out there who think I am worth it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seriously?! (with additions)

So, I just got two new e-mails on match today! One from someone who made his entire e-mail a run-on sentence with no regard for grammar or spelling. For an example: "u bein jus the girl i like" So needless to say I will not be writing back to him!
The other one came from a man whose match screen name was "bigblackman" with some numbers after it (must protect the innocent after all). Now, I have nothing against a big black man, Blair Underwood anyone? But it just goes back to the whole non-Jewish thing. It states clearly in my profile that that is what I am looking for! Are people not reading it? And what is making all these people who are clearly not matches for me find my profile? My accomplice said I should just think its flattering and enjoy the fact that people are interested. Believe me I do! But on the other hand, I've sent out bunches of e-mails to people and still waiting for responses. Maybe I am asking for too much? So, what do you say accomplices...what else should I be doing to really get "Operation 3.0" moving?

Oh! And its not all bad, "B" did e-mail me back (six days after my e-mail to him). I'll try to arrange a date so we can just get this e-mail game over with!!


So, "bigblackman" e-mailed me again! This time asking me out on a date. So I did respond and said the following:
"Thanks for your interest, but I am looking for a nice Jewish boy to bring home to mom. Good Luck!"
I thought it was a nice way to respond and I don't think I'll hear from him again.
I also got a response from "B" on the same day! I am shocked, I really don't know what to do with myself, its so unlike him! Anyway, we have a date set up for next Wed at 8. The one thing he tried to do was ask me where to go, but since he is the one who wanted to make the date, I thought he should pick the place. I didn't say that though don't worry! I did say that since he is coming from class or whatever, he should pick a place and I would be happy to meet him there. I know some of you will think I am being stupid and should have just picked and whatever, but call me a bit old fashioned, I like for the man to do all of that.
Well...for the first date at least!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice (not Jewish) Guys

So, I have been on for two months now and have sent out over twenty e-mails. I have not gotten a great return in terms of responses, but one is better than none right? Anyway, I figured if I am sending out mass e-mails, I must get some too right? I filled out my profile completely putting in the information that is important to me (ie: meeting a nice Jewish guy, right mom?) and put up some cute pictures. So, how many e-mails from nice Jewish guys have I gotten?
E-mails from nice non-Jewish guys?
That's right I have gotten three e-mails from non-Jewish guys saying how great, cute, funny and generally awesome I am! One of them asked if I would let the whole non-Jewish thing slide. I wrote him back and said thanks, but no thanks (oy! a Sarah Palin reference, sorry!). He then responded again and thanked me for my honesty, saying that I was so cute and seemed so nice that he was sure I would have no trouble finding my match.
The next one came from a guy who flat out said he wished he was Jewish, looked at my profile and wanted to wish me luck because he thought I was great! That's so nice!!
The last one came from someone who clearly didn't read my profile as we said we would be a great match, but still nice to know that people are looking!
I just wish it were the people I am looking at too. I won't lie, these e-mails did my ego a little boost (a much needed one I must say). It was nice to know that my profile caught people's attention and my pictures were cute. Now if only they could pass that profile along to their Jewish friends....

Friday, November 21, 2008

I hate math, but...

Apparently, I need to hone my math skills. "B" is back. Let's recap shall we?
1. I sent "B" an e-mail on and two days later got a response. When he did not hear back from me immediately, he proceeded to scope me out on facebook and e-mail me there.
2. I responded to his facebook message three days later. I did apologize for time just running away from me with work events and travel foe my sister's bridal shower. I mean a girl has to have her priorities right? And while "Operation 3.0" is super important, my job and my sister are even more important. Sorry "B".
3. I did not hear back from "B" in fact one of my friends said I probably never would. And I won't lie, that was fine with me. Like I said before these games of waiting the same amount of time to write back and all that, I just don't do that.
4. "B" wrote back! FOUR days later, are we sensing a pattern. Wait one more day than the other person? He too apologized for being busy.
5. I responded right away!! Wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving since he mentioned his oh so busy schedule leading up to the holiday.
So, what do you all think? Will I hear form "B" tomorrow? In five days? Six? Or can we just say good-bye to this game playing guy and move on?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's talk about sex...or not

So my date with "C" is cancelled. That was fast right?! Well, I was having a nagging feeling about it for while, and then there was the so-called straw that broke the camel's back moment. Allow me to fill you in.
"C" and I were chatting via IM, just doing the general get to know you business when the issue of sex came up. Now I am not a prude (okay maybe I am a little) and I am not a wild child, but I just felt like that's a conversation you have with someone after you have at least met them. I told "C" what I thought and he was super nice about it. He told me he understood and was looking forward to meeting me.
Well, apparently the subject of sex is the only subject "C" likes to talk about, because it would come up in one way or another in every conversation! I tried to ignore it or gloss over it. I mean, there was a part of my thinking, "finally, there is a guy out there who may actually be interested in taking you out, who cares if he talks about sex? he is a guy, its what they do!"
But the more he brought it up, the more uncomfortable I started to become, until finally he broke out this winner:
"If we hit it off on our first date, would you be willing to go with me to a swingers club on our second date?"
EXCUSE ME?! I mean this is someone I met online, had not even gone out with yet and he was asking if I would go to a club where you swap partners? You don't want to have sex me with me on the second date, but you'd like it if I watched you have sex with someone else? Um, no, no I would be willing to go there on a second date or any date...ever!
Look, I am not against that type of lifestyle, its just not the lifestyle for me. So I guess its back to the drawing board accomplices. I mean, I don't know about you, but I think I deserve better than "C."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I should probably update those of you following on the the people I have mentioned in previous posts.
I'll start with speed dating...nothing to report there. But it was still fun, so I would go again (okay mom?).
Needless to say, I was never going to see "A" again, so we can let that go.
As for "B" I did e-mail him back on facebook. I also apologized for taking so long getting back to him. I mean, he did have to wait a whole three days where I was busy with work and traveling (I've been home twice in a week and a half!). As of today, three days since I sent my apology e-mail, I have not heard anything. Is this his way of punishing me? Letting me know just how it feels to be waiting for an e-mail from someone? Trust me "B" I am not sitting by my inbox waiting for you. My friend said this was some kind of guy code, taking the same amount of time to get back to you that you did to them. Well, I am not a follower of all that code, game, rules, stuff. I am a whatever happens, happens sort of person. So I think it is safe to say good-bye to "B."
Remember the faceless man? Well, he has a face now, and its a good one! We will now call him "C" and I have a date with him this Thursday! We have chatted a bit online and he seems nice, there is just one thing, but it deserves a post of its own...stay tuned!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Somebody's Getting Married!

Obviously it is not me, I mean "Operation 3.0" just started, I can't work that fast. It is my sister, the older of my two younger ones. I was just home for her shower and she looked so happy and so beautiful! I just wanted to take a moment from the dating, the, and whatever else to ponder on that for a moment.
My little sister is getting married! And this is not an issue of her being married before me, as I always knew that would happen. I really am so happy for her. But watching her yesterday, I realized my little sister is grown up. She doesn't need me anymore and she totally used to. I mean from everything like what ice cream flavor she liked to saying the days of the week when she was in kindergarten (yes, I was pulled out of my second grade room to talk to her). Granted as we have gotten older we have had our share of differences and have moments where we don't talk like we used to, but now she is going to be starting her own world, her own family, and I am not going to be a part of that. Its a little bit sad, but in a good way. So, sister, I know you are reading this, just wanted you to know I love you and I am so happy for you, and if you ever need me to say the days of the week with you, I'll always be here.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Stalker much?

So, I sent an e-mail to someone on (okay I sent alot of e-mails) and I got a reply! I think I have already established how rare that actually is. To be fair, let me say that this e-mail was actually sent by one of my accomplices. We sit on the phone together and go through my matches. I don't think it really matters, but I wanted to be honest about the process. Anyway, this person, we shall call him "B", responded. It was just two days ago and I honestly had not gotten around to responding. I don't think two days is a whole lot of time, besides, he took about two days to write back to me.
So this morning I turn on my computer and sign into my personal e-mail, my work e-mail, and facebook. It is my morning routine once I get to work. But, whats this? An e-mail on facebook? I thought maybe it was from one of the bridesmaids for my sister's wedding, we have been e-mailing back on forth about bachelorette party ideas (and since sister, you are reading this, I will not be going into further details on that!). No, it was an e-mail from "B"! He had looked at my match profile, took some of the information and found me on facebook. Um, I won't lie, that is just a little extreme, don't you think? I mean, jeez, it was only two days ago that I got your first e-mail and now you're e-mailing me on facebook?! I don't know how I feel about someone doing that, it seems a little stalkerish to me. Which I won't lie, we all do it (come on, you know you google your friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, even yourself!!) but this is someone I have not even met or spoken to yet. I don't know how to respond. And where, or facebook? Should I look at it as flattering that "B" went through that much trouble? Or should I be freaked out that he pushed a little to far?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I decided that if "Operation 3.0" is to have a chance I have to try other things as well as I can't put all my eggs in one basket, if you will. Besides, my mother gets on my nerves asking me what else I am doing to meet people. So I decided to give speed dating a chance. I convinced a friend that she had to try it too so I would not be alone and we were off to the Upper East Side for a chance to meet eight single Jewish men. Mom will be so proud!!
So off I went to the speed dating venue, of course my friend and I were the first ones there (I am big on punctuality). We ordered a couple of drinks and sat back waiting for the event to start. As people trickled in I noticed that most of the guys there were either younger than me or really small (like I could break them). But I had promised to be open minded and so I was, I sat down for the first of my six dates.
Surprise, little guy was super funny and really nice. But there was no physical attraction, like I said, I could break him. I mean, I am not huge by any means, but he was maybe a third of my size soaking wet. Whatever, he could be a fun person to be friends with. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Next date please...
And then it was all downhill. From the guy whose head seems to be set to bobble, to the guy who didn't ask me one thing about myself. There was one guy who had awful breath and another who seemed to not know what he was doing with his life. Things were not looking good. Last date...Thank goodness...Was he....
Someone I could talk to? Check! Someone who made me laugh? Check! Someone I thought was kind of cute? Check! Could it be that I met someone that I would actually want to see again? Check!
So now I have to see if the feeling is mutual, and of not, there is always another speed dating event, singles party,, set-up or whatever to make mom happy!

Monday, November 10, 2008


So, I am the oldest of three girls, which made growing up really fun for my dad. I love my sisters so much, but sometimes I take a look at the three of us and wonder how we are related, we are all so different! I think those differences are what makes us all unique, but some similarities wouldn't be such a bad thing, right? Now if only I could find them...
Anyway, this week, I got the invitation for one of my sister's wedding. Its beautiful, simple and elegant, just like her. I did notice however that my invitation is only addressed to me. No Guest. Well, I will admit part of it falls to me since I said I probably wouldn't bring anyone, but the gesture would have been nice. Show a little faith in "Operation 3.0" family, you guys are where I get the most pressure!! Come on!
Also this week, I had an event for work and I asked my youngest sister to help out (not the one getting married). And really, thank goodness she did! I needed the help. What made the event funny, or ironic, or whatever, is that my sister walked away from the event getting the number of some guy wanting to get together! Me? Nothing!
So, there you have it, the three sisters: The bride to be, the PYT, and me...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The faceless man

So, you know how some women say they picture their wedding and the groom remains faceless? Yeah, I am not that girl. I don't picture my wedding and I don't have daydreams about some faceless man coming to sweep me off my feet.
So imagine my feelings at having an e-mail waiting for me on with no picture for the sender. I wonder why men do that? I have my picture posted, I think its important. I am not so conceited as to think I am a beauty queen, but I think the pictures I posted accurately show who I am. Why doesn't everyone do the same? I don't think it is shallow to want to see a picture. Let's face it, physical attraction is part of this whole operation. I would be lying if I said looks did not matter at all. They do. Of course a really attractive person could begin to loose their luster is their personality is negative and the same goes the other way. Someone you may not have though of as all that cute to start with could grow on you because they are just that amazing! So, what should I do about this e-mail? Well, according to the rules of "Operation 3.0" I have to respond. So I wrote Mr. I'm too Cool for a Photo back and asked him why he didn't want to put one up. And that's when I got the response, and possibly the answer ask to why. He told me he would be happy to send one to my real e-mail address. Awesome! Just what I want, to give someone who I don't even know my personal e-mail, so he can send a picture I may or may not take a look at and get butterflies!
Oh well, I'll give it to him, because as my mom says, you never know. And besides, if nothing else, it will make a good blog entry.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Filling my quota

So, in order to qualify for the six months free on you have to send a certain amount of e-mails every month. Needless to say after the disaster of a date last weekend, I had to get to work. So with my trusty accomplice (my best friend) and my computer, we set out to find my match! Now to set the scene a bit, I was at home on my laptop, while my friend was at her house on her computer. We were both logged in and talking on the phone. As we scanned through the profiles here are a few of the things that really stuck out...
Some people are really creative with their screen names! At one point both my accomplice and myself were laughing so hard we didn't even have to read the profile, we just had to e-mail that clever guy!
Some people had some really impressive statements in their profiles (yes, we actually read the profiles!). Everything from reading some amazing books, to travels, to just regular everyday goings on. We e-mailed some of them!
Some people put up pictures that are taken from so far away that you cannot even see them. Why do they that? Do they not want you to see what they actually look like? My pictures all show me, not a dot of me in the expanse of the Grand Canyon. We did not e-mail those people.
So anyway, what was the point of all of this? The close to ten e-mails I sent to meet my monthly quota?

Nothing! I got one e-mail back from someone who said I was "cute" but never responded again and another e-mail from someone saying they have met someone. Well, good for you! Now get off the site so I can do the same!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Here We Go

After a couple of phone calls where I was repeatedly called "Dear" (who does that?) and some shifting around of schedules, "A" and I had our first and I think its safe to say ONLY date last night. To be clear, I was not looking forward to said date mainly because of the pushy nature of the phone calls, I just didn't see our personalities getting along very well. But I tried to have an open mind, put on a cute outfit, and set out to his neighborhood.

Now here is where I have to stop for a moment. Why was I going all the way over to him? Just for a little background, I live on the Upper West Side of NYC. Not being a native New Yorker, I still don't know my way around every street and if the trains change their schedules I get confused and don't know where to go. So wouldn't it be fair to meet in the middle? Nope, "A" had to decide what street corner to meet on. That's right, no specific place, just a corner and we would take it from there. Okay, back to the date...

There I was waiting on the street corner for "A" and up strolls this guy in a bright yellow and red windbreaker and magenta shirt. Yup, my date! The first thing "A" does is take out his phone show it to me and say "I am turning this off, I would hope you do the same." That's when I knew this would be our one and only date. We proceeded to walk along till we found a bar he approved of and ordered a couple of beers. It was a sports bar and did not warrant my usual of a dirty martini. The conversation was on and off as is usual on a first date, we watched some football and he proceeded to call me "tough guy" when I was cheering along with the crowd. I started to get annoyed, but I let it go. As we continued to talk I asked about his parents since he mentioned going to games with his dad a lot. And that's when I was hit with this zinger..."Oh, they are great, they live around here and I still live with them." Um, WHAT?! You are a grown man, with a full time job, and you still live at home with your parents?! That was a deal breaker for me. I played it cool, and as I watched his hands slowly creep across the table towards me I finished my beer and said I was ready to go. No dinner, no second drink, I just wanted to go home. And go home I did.

But not until after I paid for my own drink...

Friday, October 24, 2008

And it begins...

So I just turned 29 and had a great time celebrating with my friends. However there was one thing that was nagging just a little see my younger sister is getting married and all of my friends are either married or in serious relationships. So I thought to myself, maybe I should start looking for someone too. So my best friend and I came up with "Operation 3.0" I don't think I need to explain, but I will. I will go on dates and try to meet someone by the time I am 30. How am I going to do all of this you ask? Well, I signed up for (that whole 6 months free thing was just calling to me) and I also let all my friends know I am available to meet whoever they think would be a good match. So my friend and I set up my account and I have my first date this weekend.
I won't lie, I am not really looking forward to it. The guy (we'll call him "A") was kind of pushy on the phone. But I made a promise to give everyone a chance, and so I will. However, there was no rule about not blogging about it. I thought I would create this blog as a fun way to keep track of all the dates (or just the one, who knows?) and tell the funny mishaps, successes, or failures that happen along the way to the big 3-0!!

So wish me luck this weekend because here we go....