Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's For Dinner

Since M and I have begun dating we usually would go out for dinner or lunch (there were also a few rare occasions when we would order in). But recently we have begun to change up that routine. I have been cooking dinner in the evenings that we are both at my place. I feel like a little Balabusta (as my Savta would say...it's Yiddish). I have actually really enjoyed these nights when M just comes over and I am in the kitchen making something yummy. And the other day we reversed the roles and M made me a really delicious breakfast! It is funny though, I never thought that would be something I would enjoy. I mean, I have always really liked to cook, but I never thought about how much I would enjoy cooking for someone else. It makes me so happy when I see how much M enjoys something I have made. And something about the whole thing just feels so natural. It is the days that we are not together that are beginning to feel strange. This is not me saying I have to spend every minute with him. In fact we talked about how great it is that we both do our own thing, me with my friends, him with his, and we still can come home (or rather to each other's places) afterwards and be together. Of course doing things together is great, and I look forward to our next dinner (which is Thanksgiving...at his parents...with his mom!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary to my friends M & J!!! It has been four years since your beautiful wedding day here in New York City and I still remember what a wonderful time we all had. You both looked so happy and continue to look happy in your married life. And since that day in November of '06, you have welcomed the most gorgeous little girl into the world (hello S!). So, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much your friendship means to me. And J, how much I appreciate you staying on the phone with me for all the good and bad calls. You have told me time and again that marriage is more than just decorating your home together and I believe you. There are good and bad times, and you have to figure out how to work through the bad stuff to make the rest sooo much better! I hope you both enjoy your special day (and yes, I am super excited to see you tomorrow).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet the Parents

So this past Friday I met M's parents. Before the actual meeting, I had been talking to M about it and I told him how I wasn't nervous but rather I was excited. Mainly because I felt that meeting the parents makes this all the more real. It is one thing for M and I to talk about our relationship when it is just the two of us, but it is something else to introduce our families into it as well. So, off we went to NJ where his parents prepared a dinner that they picked up from somewhere else. It seemed funny to me that they were so relaxed that they didn't bother to make dinner for their son's new girlfriend, but rather just brought it in. It didn't really matter to me either way and M did let me know that's probably what they would do, so I wasn't surprised. What I was surprised about was the state of the house in general and the fact that his mother was wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt (while I changed twice to make sure I looked nice). The house itself was something out of 1974, and with just a few more piles of stuff could be a contender for "Clean House" on the style network (it isn't bad enough to be on "Hoarders"). It made me a bit nervous that M would be like that, but he assured me that while he likes to keep certain things, he can't stand the way his mother keeps the house and he and his dad talk about it all of the time. All that aside, I tried to just focus on getting to know his parents and letting them get to know me a bit as well.
Dinner was fine and I think the conversation was very easy. There were a few questions about what I do and where I am from. I will say that his mom asked me a few times if I ever think about moving back to Miami. I answered honestly that it would be nicer to be closer to my family, but that I have no plans to do so at this time. What I found funny is that she kept on asking about it, like she is scared that I would take M away from his family. It was a little strange, but not as awkward as when the issue of Thanksgiving came up. M mentioned it and how I would be meeting certain people to which his mother responded "Aren't you going home for Thanksgiving?" Apparently, she had no idea that M had asked me to come spend it with him and his family. He had asked his dad, but I guess the information never got to his mom. M has told me that he has a very close relationship with his dad and that his one with his mother is a bit more strained, so I guess this was my introduction to that.
But, in the end, I think the whole night went well. Both of his parents were really lovely to me, they both said I was welcome to come over anytime and that they enjoyed meeting me. So, things (I think) were all good at the end of the night. What do you think?
Now, its onto meeting my parents, who are coming up in December!