Monday, March 22, 2010

Sucked in...again

So in the last week I got a bunch of e-mails from eHarmony letting me know that I had matches that wanted to communicate with me. I thought I would sign in just to see what was going on and I saw a little tab that said you could purchase three months for $19.00/month. Well, that seemed like a bargain after their regular prices so I signed back up. And yes, I feel like I am have sucked in once again!
I checked out the people who wanted to communicate with me. Seriously?! What do we have in common, what twenty-nine levels of compatibility is eHarmony talking about?! Its ridiculous and I have nobody to blame but myself. Needless to say, I have the date in June marked on my calender so I don't forget to cancel!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Much Better

Recently I had a Girl's Night Out with a friend of mine where we had a couple of bottles of wine and some yummy food. During the course of the evening we got to talking about being single and things we have both done to meet men. Everything from speed dating to online dating, to just going out and looking around (I'll admit to checking people out on the subway). So I told her about the whole Facebook friending and how I felt that was not an acceptable way to set someone up. All of a sudden she remembered that she knew a nice Jewish guy that she wanted to set me up with. Of course I told her I was game for that and just make sure he didn't friend me on Facebook.

Well, I got an e-mail from him yesterday and I just e-mailed back. Hopefully we will make some plans to meet up next week and I will have more things to blog for you about!

In other news....My fellow Blogger over at Saving the Best for Last blogged about a new dating site she found where you are sent matches based on the type of date they come up with. Basically you finish the sentence, "How about we..." and put in the date you would plan. It hasn't launched yet, but you get in for free now. Who knows? It is a new thing to try, right? So, thanks MCW for a great idea! We'll have to trade stories if anything comes out of that!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dating, Facebook Style

Okay, so what is going on with Facebook? I know its a social networking site where we all stalk ex-boyfriends and look for cute crushes. But is it a place to find a date?

Recently, a friend of mine called and said she had someone she would like to set me up with. Seeing as how men are really lined up at my door...I said yes. She told me a bit about him and I agreed she could go ahead with the fix up. Well, I didn't hear from her about it, but low and behold a few days later I have a new friend request on facebook. And you guessed it, it was from that guy! Seriously?! You're going to facebook friend me? I was really surprised. To me a set up is an exchange of phone numbers or even e-mails, but not friending someone you don't even know on facebook! What do you think??