Thursday, June 25, 2009


That's right, I am leaving for the next two weeks for a work trip. I am very excited to get the chance to go to Israel since I will also get to see my family while I am there. So, needless to say there probably won't be a whole lot of blogging going on while I am gone.
I did see "F" this week, so that was nice and he has already texted me today to say that the next two weeks will go by fast! I guess that means he is looking forward to me coming back. Anyway, I am still trying to come up with a good nickname, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Sleepover

So "F" slept over on Saturday night after our date and it was wonderful! I still didn't give him the cookie, but there are other things you can do. :-) Anyway, he came over and we went out to dinner and a movie. We were going to possibly go out for drinks after the movie, but decided to just go home instead. We watched a little SNL and then went to bed. Again, details are not going to be posted, but I will say we had fun!

What was so amazing was the morning. We both woke up (or rather, I was already awake due to a constant snoring) and it was just easy. I wasn't worried about brushing my teeth or making sure that I didn't look like a total freak. We just lounged in bed and talked and cuddled. Then we got up and walked to a bakery nearby to get some breakfast. We sat down to eat and then "F" got up and walked to bathroom. He came back into the room with toilet paper and proceeded to kill a HUGE bug on the wall! He did it so quietly so that I wouldn't know what was happening because he didn't want to freak me out. Nice, a boy who will kill bugs for me. Score!

But really, I like him. I happen to be leaving on a business trip later this week and I will be gone for two and a half weeks and I know I am going to miss him. Because even though we have plans tomorrow, I wish I were seeing him today! So, I am pretty sure that two weeks will be somewhat the same. I just wish I knew what he thought...

By the way...should I come up with something other than "F" what do you all think? Please share any ideas!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cookie

So, I think its safe to say that "F" and I are embarking on some sort of relationship. I am not seeing anyone else and neither is he. So does that make him my boyfriend? Whoa, didn't see that coming! I am still calling him the guy I am seeing to other people. So who knows?

What I do know is that I am still liking him. He makes me laugh and we have fun together. We went to dinner last night and then he came over to my place for some private time. Which I think is all I'll say about that, I mean my mother reads this! Actually, my mom will probably read this and then call me for details! But I am not sharing, I will say that there was no sex. According to dating boot camp (and Steve Harvey of all people) you should wait ninety days after your first date before you have sex. That way you establish the emotional connection and not just a physical one. What do you all think of that? Steve Harvey calls it "the cookie" which I think is hilarious! Did you all know he wrote a book about dating? I haven't read it, but I have a friend who has and she explained it to me in great detail. Hence knowing about "the cookie." Anyway, I know I am not ready to give "F" my "cookie" yet, ninety days or not.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boot Camp is Over!

I for one will not really miss the skinny models or the "Single Ladies" song blaring over and over and over. I will miss the free champagne! All in all, I don't think it was a waste of time, I mean if I didn't go, I would have missed Granny! Ah, Granny, she walked into the last boot camp wearing black and white sunglasses ala "Hollywood" from the movie Mannequin. It was awesome! She was also the one to ask the man panel how to handle the situation if the man you are being intimate with loses their erection. So needless to say, the whole thing wouldn't have been the same without Granny!
But into what they really talked about on our last week, it was basically the Do's and Don't's of a first date. Some of what they said was just basic, like really? I shouldn't talk about my years of therapy and the crazy people in my family? Huh, I thought that would make lively dinner conversation! In the end, I would have to say that I had so much fun just being with my friend, drinking free champagne and just making light of the situation. I mean, I didn't take the whole thing so seriously, and to be honest I think that's the lesson I walked away with. Just have fun!

Which brings me to "F." Because having fun is exactly what I am doing. I like him alot, and I know he likes me, and I look forward to seeing him every time we go out. We did go out again last night for dinner and then he came back to my place to watch the end of the Red Sox/ Yankees (Go Sox!) game. While we were at dinner he said that while he isn't counting how many dates we have been on, but he knows its five and that he feels like it has been more. While I don't necessarily feel the same way, I told him that I just am enjoying being with him and excited to see where this is going. That's a huge step for me! I am not always the best at sharing how I am feeling. My accomplice knows that while I have the worst poker face I don't always share right away. But I will say sharing with "F" feels all right and while I am not letting down every wall I am trying and I think I am doing all right!

Monday, June 8, 2009

So, I am seeing someone...

I told my family (namely my mother) about "F" who I have gone out with a few times now. And let me just say thank goodness I was driving the car because if my mother was, we would have wound up in a tree! Needless to say everyone is super excited which has caused me to be a little less so. Its almost like I can feel their pressure all around me, their expectation and wanting this to be "The One." And let me just say, that I like "F" I like spending time with him, I like getting to know him, but it has only been a few weeks and I am not rushing anything. So family members reading this...please understand, I love you all so much and I know you all want me to be happy, but let me do this in my own way at my own pace and just be supportive, thanks!

Now, onto the dating....During the week "F" and I went out to a movie and rather than getting dinner somewhere else I made us some snacks so that we could just sit and eat and watch the movie. I thought it was really cute, and (hopefully) he did too! Then we went back to my place for a bit, and I don't kiss and tell...but we kissed (alot) and it was soo lovely!
Then we went out over the weekend to a comedy show which he had gotten tickets for a while ago. It was so funny and I had so much fun! I just like being him and I always look forward to seeing him again. While we didn't make concrete plans for anything this week, he did ask what my schedule is, so hopefully we'll be seeing each other!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dating Boot Camp Week #3

Last night's session was called "Make Love Happen" and was basically a tutorial in trying to meet a man on your own rather than waiting for them to approach you. Once again we were treated to a little Beyonce, clapping for our single"ness", and the skinny models. I have to say I am so over that and looking forward to not having that anymore. But I still enjoyed the free champagne (with fresh raspberries floating in it this time!).
We went over how everyone has a fear of rejection and women should feel more comfortable approaching men. And we should approach them anywhere! In the grocery store, at the gym (I don't think so), on the street and at work.
Our hosts then went on to talk about online dating, which is something I feel like since "Operation 3.0" I know a little bit about. They gave us the pros and cons, which were really nothing new. What I found strange was that they said they don't really like online dating, but just last week mentioned how they are about to launch their online dating site! So I think what they really meant was: "We don't love online dating sites...except our own." Fair enough, just be honest about it. All in all, last night wasn't the best night of boot camp, but I did walk away with one great piece of advice that can never be repeated too often:
Don't try to make things fit because you want to be in love
I know people who have done this (I'll admit I have) and it never works. So when it comes to me right now...I am just enjoying seeing where things go with "F" and will of course head to the last week of Boot Camp next week. I mean if nothing else, there is my free gift, right?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I had another date with "F" last night, and I have to say he really impressed me. I was all ready for just a dinner out when we walked into a private dining room for twelve people and were treated to an amazing wine and food tasting menu at a local bistro. It was amazing! "F" really listened to me when I said I was willing to be surprised for our second date, and surprise me he did! It was such a wonderful evening. We learned alot about wine and ate delicious food; including a cheese course which is just about the best food ever!
Throughout dinner "F" would look over at me and smile and I just thought that was so sweet. One thing that was a little bit hard for me was some of the things he said. For example he told me that he felt lucky to have met me, and while that's totally sweet, I don't really know how to react to a comment like that. Maybe it stems from some of my personal issues (poor self esteem and all that) but I sometimes wonder why someone would like me. I am sure my accomplice is yelling at her computer screen right now after I said that, along with some other people who know me. Sorry guys, I am just being honest!
Anyway, back to the date...we held hands and he kissed my hand, and yes everyone we did kiss! I know that's what you all want to know anyway. It was nice and sweet and I think I like "F" more the more I spend time with him. After dinner he once again walked me to my door and we kissed some more and then he left and I went inside. He texted me a few minutes later just to say that I am amazing, and I won't lie...I felt like I was! :-)