Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Offer You Can't Refuse...

So, someone from S Factor read my blog post about the class I took a few weeks ago. First off, I was just so excited to see that they were reading, but then they sent me a special code for all of you readers. Just sign up for an introductory class and enter the code "littlematch09" and you'll get 50% off the class. So you'll be saving money, getting a great workout, and a self esteem boost! I really encourage all of you to try out an S Factor class as soon as you can!

Check them out! You can learn to do that....

And when you go, let me know what you thought.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Broken Heart

I am sorry I haven't posted, my accomplice had to remind me to even write something. But I don't have much to say at the moment, other than some sad news.

My amazing grandfather passed away last weekend. So I was home for the funeral and to sit Shiva with my family. I am still really sad and in a way my heart is broken. I was the oldest grandchild, and I always felt a special connection to my grandfather. So while this hasn't really been a shock, it has been sad and difficult. So in honor and memory, let me share with you a little about my Grandpa....

Grandpa was born in Lodz, Poland in 1925. He survived the Lodz Ghetto (the last ghetto to be liquidated during the Holocaust) by hiding underground with his family. After the war he spent some time in Italy and then Canada where he met and married my grandmother. Together they made their way to Miami, FL where they started their family. My grandfather's hometown of Lodz was an industrial city, so he was a skilled tool and die maker. He eventually turned his skills into a profitable business by designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture. I grew up going to visit his factory and remember thinking how big it was. How big my grandpa was. He was a very active member of the South Florida Jewish community, working to make sure our synagogue had room and land to grow, giving money to various causes, and even traveling back to Poland on numerous occasions on the March of the Living which became his cause of choice.
Beyond all of that, he was really just my Grandpa, who would be happy to eat chicken (even with feathers on it) as long as he was surrounded by his family. He taught me the value of education, even though he said he went to "The school of hard knocks" and the importance of leading the Jewish life (it is because of him finding a Jewish man is so important to me). He survived the darkest hour of humanity and brought so much life and light to our family. His presence will be greatly missed, but he will always be loved and never forgotten.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

S Factor

A friend of mine called me last week and asked if I wanted to go workout this weekend. Now, I am all for having a gym buddy, especially because I know I usually won't go by myself. So I said sure and asked what she wanted to do. Well I was not expecting her idea...a Pole Dancing Workout! I mean seriously, we are two (not the skinniest) Jewish girls living on the Upper West Side, not exactly the pole dancing type. Well, I wasn't about to back out so on Saturday off we went to S Factor, the gym that specializes in these pole dancing workouts.

Let me tell you something, it was a workout! Between the warm up (hello abdominal muscles) and the general movement I was ready! You have a basic warm up period, getting in touch with your body in a purely empowering way, you learn the "S Walk," and then watch a demo of what the teachers can do. WOW is all I can say, they were climbing on the pole, they held on with just their legs, more than anything I kept thinking what amazing strength this must take. Next thing we knew it was our turn to try a move called the firefly. Frankly, I don't think I can explain it since I had such a hard time being able to do it (I finally got it on my last try). But having the experience of just trying to swing on the pole was really fun! plus there is a great group of women in the room with your ready to cheer you on regardless of how well you do. The next step was a floor/wall routine. I think that may have been my favorite part. I know I probably looked stupid (thank goodness there are no mirrors and the lights are turned down low), but I felt awesome!! Again, it really wasn't a sexual thing at all, but when were done I felt so awesome, like I am one amazing woman (watch out guys!). That feeling was quickly put to rest when I found out how much this whole thing would cost and knew I couldn't keep going.

But, maybe every now and then I'll just go to one of their drop in classes just to get that feeling again! Ladies, if you ever want to have a two hour workout where you walk out feeling like the most confidant woman in the world, then I would highly recommend this class!

Monday, October 12, 2009


So, it is clear I am hitting the "re-start" button on this whole dating thing. I am just wondering right now what that means. I am not loving the whole eHarmony thing, I don't know where they get their matching ideas from. My time has expired. I have tried speed dating and singles mixers. I mean, I even went to Dating Boot Camp! Nothing has really worked for the long term ("F" was great for a time, but moving on...).
What do I do? There is a part of me that thinks I should give up the whole online thing. On the other hand, where else can I go to meet someone? Doesn't the online thing take some of the weeding out process away from me? Should I sign up for again and then collect six free months? Maybe JDate (which I can't say is all that great here in NYC from what I hear)? Do I have to change the things I am looking for? Which, by the way, I don't think is too ridiculous...Male, Jewish, employed, and NOT living at home!!!
I mean, I am definitely feeling more motivated and energized for this whole thing than I have been for a while. Now I just want to know where to move forward. To be clear, I am not ready for the whole marriage and kids thing. But I would just like to have that someone special to call after a long day, to cook with, to spend time with.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Phone Call

So yes, he did call, and no, I don't think he is someone I will be going out with. Seriously, what is this matching system eHarmony has? I would love to know! Because if it's goal is to match you with someone you have almost NOTHING in common with, then wow, they are awesome! If their goal is to match me with an over thirty year old man, living at home then they have done their job! Okay, now maybe it is not fair to say all that, so instead, I will just give you a bit of a rundown of the conversation.

He called a little bit after 8 on his way home and from the hello, I wasn't sure if it was a guy or a girl on the phone. He had a really high voice, but I know that I can't just write someone off based on that. I may be a little shallow, but I don't think I am that shallow. So we were chatting a bit about our days and what we usually do after work. He mentioned wanting to go on vacation somewhere beachy and loving to hike and spend time outdoors. I mentioned that I don't like the beach (accomplice knows this is VERY true) and am not much for the outdoors, preferring museums, movies, or theater. Seriously eHarmony, what 29 dimensions did we match on, I would love to know! He asked about my apartment and roommates and I asked the same. Here came that lovely refrain I have gotten so used to "Oh, I am living at home." Ugh, not again! Really? His reasoning? Because he has a lifestyle he wants to lead and can't do it right now, so he will just live at home till he saves and gets to a place where he can live the lifestyle he wants. I'm sorry, but if you are over thirty and living at home because you can't live the lifestyle you want, it is time to either change what you are doing so you can achieve that lifestyle or change your lifestyle expectations! I mean, would I love to live in a high rise doorman amenity filled building? Sure, but I can't right now so I live in a walk up, buzz in, two bedroom with a roommate, not with my parents! I didn't say anything, just listened to his reasoning quietly without saying much. I knew, and I think he did too, that this was going to go nowhere and fast. We both said our goodbyes with a vague "maybe we'll get together sometime" and that was it.

So I guess it is back once again to (I think I have a few days left of my free six months) to send a few e-mails. And I still have eHarmony time left, so I'll use their silly guided communication for another month (you know I am so NOT renewing that service). Any other ideas of things to do to meet someone? Maybe some single bloggers can go out for a night on the town?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open Communication

So on eHarmony after you go through all the steps of questions and lists and yet more questions, you get to the part called "open communication." It is basically where you can start sending e-mails via the eHarmony site and get to know your match better. Well, I finally reached that stage with one person and we have been e-mailing a bit. He seems really nice, and I have to say totally adorable from his pictures. We have just been sharing basic information about we like to do, where we are from, our families, just things like that. I have also given him my number and he asked when a good time was to call. So, readers, what do you think? Will he? Won't he?

I won't lie, I am really hoping he does. Since "F" there really hasn't been too much going on on the dating front and I felt like the blog was getting boring. Not to mention the fact that I was enjoying the whole process. So hopefully things will be picking up and I will have so much more to share as "Operation 3.1" gets underway!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Say Hello to Poppy!!

So, for the big 3-0 Mom and Dad of Little Match Girl did not know what to get me. And since they can't just go out and order Mr. Right from a catalogue, they thought that a companion was a good idea anyway. So blog followers, say hello to Poppy! My new little Havanese.

Isn't she just too cute?! So, while she is my dog, she is staying with my sister and brother-in-law for a little while until I go home to get her. That is why she is all dressed up for Halloween, I won't do that to her. So, while I don't have a man, I still will have a warm body to share my bed with this winter!!