Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meeting the Bloggers!

On Tuesday night I had the chance to meet two of bloggers that I follow on a daily basis! In fact, these were two of the very first blogs I started to read when I started blogging. Anyway, I met with MCW and Flip Flops on Lex for a couple glasses of wine and some yummy food that involved cheese! I have to say it was a great time and so much fun to finally meet these lovely ladies. It is a bit funny because we all mentioned how it was kind of like a blind date seeing as how we really didn't know who we were looking for. But once we sat down and started talking I felt really at ease (I hope they did too) maybe because in a way we kind of already know one another through our blogs. I really had so much fun and wish we could have had another drink or hung out some more. but to be honest, I am still catching up on sleep from my vacation and I am a nervous dog mommy, Poppy has been a bit out of sorts since we got back. So hopefully we will be able to get together another time (there was mention of going to Eataly!) and we can have another bloggy get together!

Thanks so much for a wonderful night ladies!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I am back! I was out of town for two weeks and literally took a vacation from everything and that included blogging. So first off...Happy New Year (a little bit late)! There is so much for me to catch you all up on, so I may just gloss over bits and go into more details in other posts.

First off, I went to Boston for Christmas, now begin the nice Jewish Girl I am, I lit my Hannukah candles at the beginning of December and then headed towards the tree and stockings by December 25th! By best friend and accomplice along with her family are always so kind in inviting me every year to spend the holidays with them (in fact this year was our tenth anniversary!). It was really a beautiful Christmas although a little sad because it was the last one in her family home as they are moving to a new house. I know we will all miss Christmas and so many other fun parties at the Marina, but there will be new memories to be made!
M did not come with me to Boston, he stayed home and watched Poppy for me which was so nice. I would have loved for him to be there but it just didn't work out. Hopefully next year we will both (with Poppy too) be able to head to beantown! After presents, chowder, and a few games of scrabble my accomplice and I headed back into the city to her apartment. We lounged around and ate too much sushi while she kicked my butt at a few more games of scrabble. And while I was planning to head back to NYC on Monday, Mother Nature had other plans and I stayed in Boston an extra day. It was not a big deal although getting back to NY proved to be a bit of a hassle and once I got back I didn't want to stay (soooo much snow!).

M and I spent the next couple of days getting stuff together before leaving for Miami on January 1st! We spent a nice quiet New Year's Eve with some friends of his and woke up at 4 am to head to the airport. We spent the next week in Miami staying with my parents and just having a great time! M fit so well with my family and I know they all really liked him. It was really just so wonderful to spend the week not worrying about going anywhere or doing anything, to not have to be at my job and to just spend time with family and friends. We ate great food, had some romantic alone time, and just all around enjoyed being in the nice warm weather (sorry, but it is true!). Coming back up north was a shock to the system and I am not really enjoying being back in reality. Although I meeting up with some fellow bloggers tonight for the first time so I am super excited about that!! is hoping that 2011 brings all good things!!!