Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So for those who don't know (and I know I have not updated in a while) "Operation 3.0" has officially become "Operation 3.1." Yes, that's right, I hit the big 3-0 without much fanfare, but with wonderful friends and doing something for a wonderful cause. I spent my 30th doing a thirteen mile walk to raise money for cancer research. I wanted to look back on the big day and think I had done something a little more than just going out for dinner and (lots) of drinks. So, while I will not give out my name, if you are interested in making a donation to a great cause, please go to the JimmyFundWalk page and check it out! Okay now onto the whole reason you're here...

I have been plugging away at eHarmony as you know. I get delivered my matches on an almost daily basis and look at what Dr. Warren thinks is a perfect match. Oh, you know the whole shpeel, you've the seen the nauseating commercials enough times! Anyway, I have opened communication with over twenty different men, only to either be ignored (probably not paying an arm and a leg for their service of meeting me!), closed (we have gone over this before), or the very rare answer. So now I am on the final step of communication with one guy and we'll see what happens there. I have to answer his e-mail. But at least I get to say whatever I want and not answer multiple choice questions or anything like that! So, let's call this guy "G" and see where this goes...

Also, I have had a couple of guys initiate communication with me. What I find so humorous about this is that when eHarmony lets you know that someone is interested in you they send you an e-mail. the e-mail basically starts off saying:
Congratulations!! Someone wants to start communication with you!
I don't know why I think its so funny, but I just do! Even better are that the men who do wish to communicate with me are the ones I usually close after looking at their pictures and reading their profiles. Because no, I don't want to start dating a guy who is three or four times my size (and I am no waif), and no I don't want to date the 38 year old unemployed guy. I know this makes me shallow, or maybe I just know what I want (um, attraction, nothing wrong with that!), maybe I don't want to settle. Or maybe as my sister said, I am real and I am just looking for something real too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Fun Giveaway!!

Lacey Bean over at Perks of Being a Jap is having a great giveaway on her site. She has been blogging for two years and this is how she is celebrating the milestone! So go over an enter...and while you're there, read her blog, its super cute!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just a short post to vent for a second. So I have been detailing my process of going through all of the eHarmony steps of communication. Well, today I signed on and one of the people that I had gotten all the way to the last step of communication with closed the match! Meaning he no longer wished to communicate with me. His reason? "Other"

Now, its one thing to have that as the reason if we have never communicated. At that point I know its just because of superficial reasons, I do the same thing. But to close the match for no reason after I have answered your multiple choice questions, sent you my list of things I want or don't want in a relationship, and then carefully answered your open ended questions to make sure that I was being honest and true to who I am while still being a little funny (thats true to me I think) close the match with "Other"?! So far eHarmony is turning out to be a big fat DUD!

Oh well, the big birthday is three days away and I plan on enjoying it, eHarmony, Match, speed dating, and all the rest be damned!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Following the Steps

This past weekend I went to see my family. We spent the weekend eating, drinking, eating, watching the horse races, eating, talking, eating, laughing, and did I mention eating?! Seriously, I had meals where I thought I would explode! But they were so worth it, I am a big food person (should I add that to my online profiles?).

Anyway, while away, my mother asked if there was any update on the whole online dating thing. I wish I had something to tell her. But alas, there is nothing really to report. Why, you ask? Well, because I am following the steps laid out by Dr. Warren's steps to communication. I mean after he so painstakingly matched me with this people based on 29 different levels of compatibility, shouldn't I follow his scientific approach? So I have sent questions, answered questions, read the lists and am just waiting to see where all these steps take me. Do I get to go on an actual date at some point or will the steps just take it out of us and we move onto another perfect match?!