Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Patience is a vurtue...

That's what my mom always said, so thanks for understanding my lapse in posting. Anyway, here is the story you are all waiting for...
Last week I chatted with a guy from match and he seemed nice. We made tentative plans for Sunday afternoon and I gave him my number so we could confirm plans later in the week. On Friday night I went out for dinner with a couple girlfriends and my friend's mother who was so nice to treat us all (thanks Mom!!). Anyway, when I finally got home around 10pm I had some missed calls and voicemail. THREE of the missed calls were from this guy. Time stamps as follows 6:12, 6:15 (with voicemail), 8:45 (with voicemail). So I listened to his two voicemails and called back right away. Below is the conversation...
Me: Hi, is "D" there?
"D": This is "D"
Me: Hi, this is Ilana from match!
"D": I called you before! (said in a gruff tone)
Me: (recovering from the shock of his rudeness) Yes, I know, I was out with friends and just walked in and checked the messages. I wanted to make sure to call back.
"D": Well, I don't have time to talk to you now.
Me: Okay, well I guess, just give me a call tomorrow and we can figure something out for Sunday afternoon. Bye.
And that was that. I hung up and took a moment to think about that conversation while scenes from "Sleeping With the Enemy" ran through my head. I did not have a good feeling about this guy, but I knew people would tell me I was overreacting, so I figured I would give him another chance. The nest morning at 11am my phone rang and it was "D"
"D": Yeah, so where to you live
Me: On the UWS, but we can meet anywhere, I was thinking 2ish tomorrow? That works for me.
"D": What are you talking about? I had planned to meet you Sunday night! Now I have to figure stuff out...
Me: No, I always said Sunday afternoon was the best for me.
"D": Whatever, now I have to go think.
Me: All right, well I am going out now and won't be available till late afternoon, why don't you give me a call then?
"D": Fine
And that was that yet again! I figured he would probably call around 3-4. So off I went to yoga to enjoy a nice relaxing OM moment. I got out of class after 2 only to find that "D" had called at 12:30...which I am sorry is not late afternoon!
What came next was an exhaustive game of telephone tag and me coming home after midnight knowing I wasn't going to call him yet again. So I texted him early the next morning and never heard back from him.
I won't lie, I am not too upset about this one. I mean, I was seriously scared for a bit. To the point that I called my accomplice to get her opinion on this situation. We concluded that I am better off and now its time to meet my March match quota!


Anonymous said...

What a freaky story. Like you said, glad that one faded away quietly into the night....

Sister of Accomplice said...