Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm Back

Well, I decided to just start blogging again and if people follow that is great (thanks Dee!!) and if not, that's okay too. It seems that another timeline is in order since it has clearly been a LONG time since I have put anything down here and it will serve as a catch up.  Then hopefully I will get to regular blogging about the everyday goings on....

Just to recap, M and I moved in together in April of 2011.  I got fired from my job about two months later.  We went to Italy on a family vacation (with my family) for two weeks.  When we got home we then headed to South Caroline with his family for a few days.  I started working at the health club that I had been doing part time work at full time as the administrator.  My sister announced she was pregnant (yay!!). My other sister announced she was going to stay in Italy for her senior year of college.  I think that about catches us up on the major things....

Here we go....

November 2011- M asked me to marry him! I said yes!  Okay, they story isn't as quick as that.  He called me during the day asking if I wanted to go out for dinner since he had just had a very successful job interview and he wanted to celebrate (little did I know he had just picked up the ring and didn't want it to sit too long).  I went along thinking this was a dinner for him.  So much so that at dinner I apologized for putting pressure on him about getting married.  You see, my sister in Italy was coming home in January for a week and I had always wanted to go dress shopping with both of my sisters and I honestly didn't know when she would be back after that trip.  He told me no to worry and that he was ready to get married.  I apologized again and told him I could wait.  He assured me he was ready and even as he was getting up from the table and getting down on one knee, I didn't quite realize what was happening.  I know he asked, and I know I said yes. I just don't know what he said.  And it took me a few minutes to realize that the ring he had been holding was for me!  I was so excited, the whole restaurant clapped, the table next to us sent over champagne and it was just a beautiful night.  Needless to say, as soon as we got in the car phone calls were made to all of the parents (who were expecting it since M had asked permission of my parents earlier that week).

One other funny side note to this story is that once I was a bit more calm, M informed me that we already had a wedding date and venue. Since my parents knew I would say yes, they started the planning to make sure we would have a fall wedding just like I wanted!

January 2012- I found my dress!  Just like I had always wanted, my mother and two sisters went with me dress shopping down in Florida to the same store my sister had such great luck in.  We saw so many beautiful dresses!  I had an idea of what I wanted, something a little different not strapless and not too much going on.  Lo and behold my youngest sister picks a dress and says "This is yours" and she was right.  I cried before I even put it on!  And once I did try it on, it was perfect.  Even though I tried some other dresses on after it, I always came back to my dress!

April 2012- I became an aunt!! My sister and her husband welcomed the most beautiful baby girl into the world. It makes me sad that we don't live closer so that I could see her more often.  But I have already called dibs on taking her to her first ballet and Broadway show!

September/October 2012- Two bridal showers! One in Miami and one in New Jersey. They were both so lovely and many thanks to all of the ladies who took part in putting them together.  And a special thanks to all of my friends who came!!

November 10, 2012- M and I got married!!!  I don't think I can say enough about the wedding, it was beautiful and everything I could have imagined.  The food was great, the band totally rocked, and everyone had a great time!  But most importantly...I married M.  The ceremony was so special, it was performed by my dad's best friend from high school who is an amazing Rabbi.  We used Kiddush cups that had belong to M's grandfather and were wrapped in a tallit that my grandfather used to wear every year for Rosh Hashana. I could not have asked for a better day.

May 2013- HONEYMOON!! M and I left for three weeks.  We first went on a two week cruise of the Mediterranean, including Italy, Greece, and Turkey!  We then flew for a week to Israel so M could meet my grandparents who were unable to come to the wedding.  The whole trip was magical.  And I have to say, as M had never been cruising before, I think now he would cruise all of the time!

So I think that is a pretty good catch up.  There are more little details here and there, but I think you get the overall picture of where we are now.

I guess now the question is...what do I rename this blog?  Little Match Girl just won't do....I found my match!  


DeAnna Stephens said...

WOW! Will you post a wedding picture??!! You should!
You've been busy!
As for a name.. hmmm...Found My Match Girl?? LOL!

MCW said...

I seriously just thought about you the other day and wondered what happened to you!!! Last time we talked you were just moving in with M!

SO EXCITING!!!!! Congrats!!!