Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is going on?!

Things with "F" are totally weird! I have no idea what is going on with him. So there was the whole cancelling of our date last Tuesday. We rescheduled for Friday night. So, on Friday afternoon at 4:30 when my phone rang I was surprised that "F" was calling. He talked about how he was having a bad day and didn't know if we should go out. I could not believe it, was he really calling to cancel again?! I told him I understood that work had been stressful and he was feeling a bit low, but I also said that part of dating someone is seeing them when they are not at their best. I told him I don't expect him to always be in a great mood, and that is part of getting to know someone. I also explained that since he had cancelled before, I was really disappointed and would rather spend time with him even in a bad mood than not see him at all. There was no ultimatum, I just made my opinion known. He told me he would call me back after he got some more work done. And when he did call back he told me he was on his way over.
So, he came over, we went out to dinner and everything was fine. It is just a little off, I don't really know how to explain it. All I can say is, I miss the guy I started dating a few months ago. If "F" is going through something, that's fine, we all have moments where we are not at our best. But communication is so important, just tell me that you're in a funk, or whatever. If it is that you don't want to see me anymore, just say that! Whatever it is, just tell me. Talking to me and just giving me a little explanation is better than being silent and having me try to figure you out for myself.
Anyway, he left on Saturday morning and I asked him if he would be disappearing now. Since he mentioned that he does that when he feels low. He said he hoped not and I haven't talked to him since. He did send me a silly text last night about "The Bachelorette" (yes, I admit I watch it!). So, at least I know he was thinking about me, but there are no plans to see each other. I am not going to push him, I will let him figure it out. Its just a bit frustrating, since he was the one so open about how he was feeling and now that I shared and opened up (and let down quite a few walls) he is the one pulling away. I am giving him his space, but I am scared that in that time, my walls are slowly rebuilding, and having them come down again might not be so simple.


Anonymous said...

As you yourself stated, you have to wait and watch. I wouldn't however let too much time pass without contacting him yourself, even if it is something silly like he did with his text message. You want to make sure that he knows that you are still around and still interested. Keep you chin up!

MCW said...

My friend once told me a silly theory about men sometimes retreating into a cave. I don't know...they are hard to understand. But, it seems that men like a chase. And no matter how wrong it is, when we open up it can scare them...I would give him the space he seems to need and see what happens. But, I also think if it's right, it's right and none of the BS game crap will matter :)