Friday, May 21, 2010


I just have to take the time to give a big Mazel Tov to my friends J & M who welcomed a beautiful little baby girl about three weeks ago. I went to visit little baby S this week and she is just an adorable little peanut. I held her for about an hour and just couldn't get enough (although I think she had enough of me and was ready to eat when I was leaving!).
Of course I took some pictures of me holding her and I sent them to my mom; who before looking at them asked if these were going to be my new dating profile pictures. Ha! Could you imagine?! I wonder what would go through a guy's mind if he looked at the profiles of his matches and scrolls to a woman holding a newborn baby.

See? Just a peanut!

Anyway, spending time with S and her mom really made my day. She is adorable and is one lucky little girl to have such amazing parents. Congratulations again Mom and Dad and to your families as well!!

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Dee Stephens said...

umm.. pictures?? congrats to your friend!