Monday, October 27, 2008

Here We Go

After a couple of phone calls where I was repeatedly called "Dear" (who does that?) and some shifting around of schedules, "A" and I had our first and I think its safe to say ONLY date last night. To be clear, I was not looking forward to said date mainly because of the pushy nature of the phone calls, I just didn't see our personalities getting along very well. But I tried to have an open mind, put on a cute outfit, and set out to his neighborhood.

Now here is where I have to stop for a moment. Why was I going all the way over to him? Just for a little background, I live on the Upper West Side of NYC. Not being a native New Yorker, I still don't know my way around every street and if the trains change their schedules I get confused and don't know where to go. So wouldn't it be fair to meet in the middle? Nope, "A" had to decide what street corner to meet on. That's right, no specific place, just a corner and we would take it from there. Okay, back to the date...

There I was waiting on the street corner for "A" and up strolls this guy in a bright yellow and red windbreaker and magenta shirt. Yup, my date! The first thing "A" does is take out his phone show it to me and say "I am turning this off, I would hope you do the same." That's when I knew this would be our one and only date. We proceeded to walk along till we found a bar he approved of and ordered a couple of beers. It was a sports bar and did not warrant my usual of a dirty martini. The conversation was on and off as is usual on a first date, we watched some football and he proceeded to call me "tough guy" when I was cheering along with the crowd. I started to get annoyed, but I let it go. As we continued to talk I asked about his parents since he mentioned going to games with his dad a lot. And that's when I was hit with this zinger..."Oh, they are great, they live around here and I still live with them." Um, WHAT?! You are a grown man, with a full time job, and you still live at home with your parents?! That was a deal breaker for me. I played it cool, and as I watched his hands slowly creep across the table towards me I finished my beer and said I was ready to go. No dinner, no second drink, I just wanted to go home. And go home I did.

But not until after I paid for my own drink...

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