Thursday, October 30, 2008

Filling my quota

So, in order to qualify for the six months free on you have to send a certain amount of e-mails every month. Needless to say after the disaster of a date last weekend, I had to get to work. So with my trusty accomplice (my best friend) and my computer, we set out to find my match! Now to set the scene a bit, I was at home on my laptop, while my friend was at her house on her computer. We were both logged in and talking on the phone. As we scanned through the profiles here are a few of the things that really stuck out...
Some people are really creative with their screen names! At one point both my accomplice and myself were laughing so hard we didn't even have to read the profile, we just had to e-mail that clever guy!
Some people had some really impressive statements in their profiles (yes, we actually read the profiles!). Everything from reading some amazing books, to travels, to just regular everyday goings on. We e-mailed some of them!
Some people put up pictures that are taken from so far away that you cannot even see them. Why do they that? Do they not want you to see what they actually look like? My pictures all show me, not a dot of me in the expanse of the Grand Canyon. We did not e-mail those people.
So anyway, what was the point of all of this? The close to ten e-mails I sent to meet my monthly quota?

Nothing! I got one e-mail back from someone who said I was "cute" but never responded again and another e-mail from someone saying they have met someone. Well, good for you! Now get off the site so I can do the same!

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