Monday, April 6, 2009


Recently I was talking to my mother about "Operation 3.0" and her advice was to begin "slumming it" as I am obviously too picky. I asked if she meant that i should start going out with "Bigblackman" and the like. She said no, she would till prefer a Jew, but a slummy Jew. Okay, yes that was my mother ladies and gentlemen. I won't lie, I was laughing hysterically! If you know my mother you can understand why. Anyway, no sooner had she said that than I got an e-mail from someone on match. I knew right away that he wasn't for me, but with my mother's words ringing in my ears, I responded and we were chatting on the phone a few days later.
The phone conversation was easy, maybe because I knew he was not for me. At the same time, you never know, and I was just hoping to have a fun date out. So we made plans and he said he would call later in the week to confirm. Well, I never heard from him, so needless to say there was no date and my mom's advice did not really work out. Oh well, back to the drawing board!
In other six months on officially ends today. We heard into my six months free now. My accomplice said it would be really funny if I met someone right now and didn't get to take advantage of my great deal! I don't know about meeting someone, but a nice date out with a guy who doesn't live at home, isn't a stalker, or a swinger, or who actually calls to cancel/confirm a date would be great! Does anyone know someone.....?

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DYAP said...

Keep those emails going and don't give up! I love you!