Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boot Camp Week #2

Oh yes, I am excited Boot Camp Week #2 is upon us and I for one can't wait! This week's topic? "The Look Men Love." I wonder what that will be about? A bunch of skinny models showing off the latest maxi dress fashions (which incidentally look like a mumu on me!). Or will it be telling us FABULOUS single ladies how the look men love is confidence and self awareness? I have a feeling it will be mostly the former with just a dash of the latter. But I would also love to be surprised and proven wrong!

In other news, "F" and I are going out again tomorrow night! Woo hoo! Yes, I am excited, and yes that is new and somewhat weird for me. Maybe that's why I haven't posted so many details about it. My accomplice said I have to stop thinking and just do. I am working on it. And I will be sure to add more information about the date this time (since sister of accomplice made it quite clear she wants the dirt!).

1 comment:

DYAP said...

I WANT THE DIRT TOO!!! I guess I will get it in person because I am going to see you tomorrow night!! WOOHOO!!