Thursday, May 28, 2009

Never Wear Flats!

That was the big advice given in week #2 of Dating Boot Camp. Now, believe me, I know that heels make a woman's legs look great. Not to mention that we walk just a little bit taller in them, meaning we carry ourselves with more confidence (at least I do). But at the same time, have you ever spent a whole day in heels walking around New York City? I challenge any guy on that man panel to do that for a day...heck, even an hour and see how your feet feel. So until the day my fee don't throb and wince in pain from heels for over five hours; I will continue to wear my flats, proudly carrying my heels in a bag ready to be slipped on after I'm done walking.
The other big thing that they talked about was being a "Bond Girl" which i took to basically mean carrying yourself with confidence and an air of mystery. You should get dressed and feel good because you like what you're wearing, because you feel good and love yourself. While that is great advice, its nothing I haven't heard before. They also repeatedly mentioned how you don't have to be a size 2 or 4 to be attractive to men. Great! But while they were saying that they kept on bringing out a model who must have been less than a 2! So that made all of us average women in the audience feel awesome!
I would say that all in all, Boot Camp Week #2 didn't hold a candle to week #1! I mean without Granny it just wasn't worth it!

In other news, I have been really feeling under the weather and since I am getting on a plane this afternoon I had to cancel my date with "F" last night. He was totally understanding and we have already rescheduled. So not to worry, details will be coming!

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Anonymous said...

no flats?! WHAT? I disagree. I've been on two dates where BOTH guys have complimemted me on my cute flats. the. end.