Friday, May 22, 2009

"E" "F" "G"

Yes, there are quite a few updates!

"E" called me and I have not returned the call. I know that's awful. But I really don't feel any connection at all. I can't even remember going out with him the day after our date. I just don't see this guy being a match for me. And yes, I understand that this is probably the coward's way out, however I really don't know what to say to him. He really is a nice guy, but not for me.

"F" is a guy who I e-mailed and he actually e-mailed me back!! We exchanged numbers and were talking and texting and finally went out last night. It was such a great date! I know, shocking right? That's usually not the case with these blog posts (see above). "F" was really funny, and definitely has the same sarcasm that I do. We really just got along so well and a date that was just meeting for drinks turned into dinner and ice cream! It was just easy and comfortable, I think that's the best way to put it.

"G" is a guy who I have exchanged a few e-mails with on match. I won't lie, the e-mails felt a little like those pen pal letters you got in elementary school. They are just a little juvenile in my opinion. Whats funny is that my accomplice just didn't see that. But anyone I showed them to who is or was a teacher understood. Just thought that was a bit odd. But I gave him my number anyway and he left me a message last night while I was out with "F." So I will call him back and try to set something up.

In other updates, I got four new winks on match! Which would be so awesome, but none of the guys were Jewish, so clearly not matches. But still nice to know that people are interested. After the months of nothing, its nice to have something positive to write about. Don't worry though, I am still going to finish out my Dating Boot Camp and report on it. I mean you can't even make up some of the stuff that I saw there!!

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Sister of Accomplice said...

Ok Sister! We need more details! It's a good thing that accomplice is here right next to me to provide me with details--real details. And boyfriend of sister of accomplice wants to know if you have two extra tickets for the next date--we would like to drive down and join you for it!