Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dating Boot Camp Week #3

Last night's session was called "Make Love Happen" and was basically a tutorial in trying to meet a man on your own rather than waiting for them to approach you. Once again we were treated to a little Beyonce, clapping for our single"ness", and the skinny models. I have to say I am so over that and looking forward to not having that anymore. But I still enjoyed the free champagne (with fresh raspberries floating in it this time!).
We went over how everyone has a fear of rejection and women should feel more comfortable approaching men. And we should approach them anywhere! In the grocery store, at the gym (I don't think so), on the street and at work.
Our hosts then went on to talk about online dating, which is something I feel like since "Operation 3.0" I know a little bit about. They gave us the pros and cons, which were really nothing new. What I found strange was that they said they don't really like online dating, but just last week mentioned how they are about to launch their online dating site! So I think what they really meant was: "We don't love online dating sites...except our own." Fair enough, just be honest about it. All in all, last night wasn't the best night of boot camp, but I did walk away with one great piece of advice that can never be repeated too often:
Don't try to make things fit because you want to be in love
I know people who have done this (I'll admit I have) and it never works. So when it comes to me right now...I am just enjoying seeing where things go with "F" and will of course head to the last week of Boot Camp next week. I mean if nothing else, there is my free gift, right?!

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Accomplice said...

Ugh, I was so sick all week I didn't read the blog until today! (6/8!!)...I love the "don't try to make things fit because you want to be in love" bit-so true, and well said! You're right, it never works. There has to be a healthy balance, however, between that and sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone for the sake of progress...just a lil something to chew on!