Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So I had another date with "F" last night, and I have to say he really impressed me. I was all ready for just a dinner out when we walked into a private dining room for twelve people and were treated to an amazing wine and food tasting menu at a local bistro. It was amazing! "F" really listened to me when I said I was willing to be surprised for our second date, and surprise me he did! It was such a wonderful evening. We learned alot about wine and ate delicious food; including a cheese course which is just about the best food ever!
Throughout dinner "F" would look over at me and smile and I just thought that was so sweet. One thing that was a little bit hard for me was some of the things he said. For example he told me that he felt lucky to have met me, and while that's totally sweet, I don't really know how to react to a comment like that. Maybe it stems from some of my personal issues (poor self esteem and all that) but I sometimes wonder why someone would like me. I am sure my accomplice is yelling at her computer screen right now after I said that, along with some other people who know me. Sorry guys, I am just being honest!
Anyway, back to the date...we held hands and he kissed my hand, and yes everyone we did kiss! I know that's what you all want to know anyway. It was nice and sweet and I think I like "F" more the more I spend time with him. After dinner he once again walked me to my door and we kissed some more and then he left and I went inside. He texted me a few minutes later just to say that I am amazing, and I won't lie...I felt like I was! :-)

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this makes me so happy!!!