Thursday, September 10, 2009


Just a short post to vent for a second. So I have been detailing my process of going through all of the eHarmony steps of communication. Well, today I signed on and one of the people that I had gotten all the way to the last step of communication with closed the match! Meaning he no longer wished to communicate with me. His reason? "Other"

Now, its one thing to have that as the reason if we have never communicated. At that point I know its just because of superficial reasons, I do the same thing. But to close the match for no reason after I have answered your multiple choice questions, sent you my list of things I want or don't want in a relationship, and then carefully answered your open ended questions to make sure that I was being honest and true to who I am while still being a little funny (thats true to me I think) close the match with "Other"?! So far eHarmony is turning out to be a big fat DUD!

Oh well, the big birthday is three days away and I plan on enjoying it, eHarmony, Match, speed dating, and all the rest be damned!

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MCW said...

Ha! I think you should get some money back if that happens!