Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Ice Cream Sundae

So lately I feel like I have been getting served scoop after scoop of crap in the life department. And I really just feel like all I waiting for is the cherry on top, since there really hasn't been much going my way. It is really like I just cannot catch a break! I know that it is the holiday season and most people are counting their blessings, and trust me, I know that I am very lucky in alot of things. I just feel like this ice cream sundae of disappointments is getting to be bigger than I can eat. And while I have promised my mom and my accomplice that I am doing better, I just need to rant about it all here and maybe just maybe that can be the end of it!

So, where to begin? I feel like I was on a really positive note when my 30th rolled around. I did something good for other people. I felt like my 30th year was going to be great! Well, a month later my grandfather died and I would be lying if I said I am over it. I still think about him everyday. I have a picture of us together in Poland sitting on my desk at work. I would like to think he is looking out for me, but given whats been going on, I think he may be napping (its okay, he is probably tired).

At the same time that my grandfather's health took a turn for the worse, I found a job posting that I knew was for me. It was back home in Miami, still in my field (which there are soooo few jobs in), and perfect for me! I was interviewed via telephone the day before his death and next thing I knew was being flown down to Miami not once, but twice for more interviews and to meet with the leaders of the organization. I knew I aced every single one of the interviews. I felt like there were signs everywhere telling me that this job was mine, from the big white bird waiting outside for me the day of the final interview to the fortune cookies from Chinese food the night before. Well, needless to say, I didn't get the job. After talking to me so much about how they wanted to get young people involved they hired a woman double my age (young people indeed)!! The next day (while still reeling from the rejection) my boss sent out a memo saying that we would be cutting back the work week to four days a week and getting paid accordingly. Now anyone who lives in New York City knows that losing 20% of one's monthly salary is quite a blow. I barely make enough as it is working in the not for profit world. Don't get me wrong, I never expected to make it big, but its a huge loss for me. Just another scoop on my sundae! Still hungry? Good, cause there is more. Literally the next day my roommate tells me she is going to be moving out in March so I should start looking for a new roommate. WTF?! Really?! Who moves in March? Its going to be a pain in the ass to find a new roommate (so fellow NYC bloggers, if you know anyone, pass it along!).

Okay, I think that's it. That's my ice cream sundae of poop! I would like that to be it. If there is going to be a cherry, I do hope its actually something sweet.


MCW said...

I have had those months before. And it feels like you just can't get your head above water. There are always up and downs...
It will get better. Promise.

Anonymous said...

It will get better! I think that this is your not so subtle way of telling me that there had better be ice cream tomorrow night. And you know me, I would love to oblige!