Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Single...With Children

So first off...Happy New Year to all! Here is hoping that 2010 brings better things than 2009!

Anyway, this past week good old eHarmony had a free communication weekend and staying true to my word I took advantage of it. Although, I was unaware of the fact that during this time you still cannot see photos of the people you are matched with unless you decide to become a paying member. And I think we all know how I feel about that. Anyway, I followed all of the steps of communication with three guys. So here is the breakdown...

Guy #1: We got to open communication and I am still waiting for him to openly communicate. Clearly Dr. Warren thinks that the man should write the first e-mail since I can't write anything until he does first....Oh well, cause the free communication ends today.

Guy #2: We have each exchanged an e-mail. He seems like a nice guy and I gave him my regular e-mail address. So we will see what happens.

Guy #3: We have e-mailed a bit outside of eHarmony. From reading his profile and following the communication he seems like a nice guy. And while he was upfront that he has kids, what I was not aware of is that he has three. Not only that, but the oldest one is fifteen! I feel like I would be pretty open to dating someone with kids. I am a child of divorce myself, so I think I'm pretty sensitive to it. However, I don't think I could date someone whose children are half my age. Basically, it would mean if they were mine, I would have been fifteen when I had them. Am I wrong? Am I being too close minded on this?


sada said...

1. Yay you! Progress. You are wonderful for still getting out there.

2. Dang how old is the guy if he has a 15 year old? (Wait, he could be like 35 or something. I forget we are old) I imagine that in that situation you would definitely not be in a parental role. Is it worth just feeling that out for a while? Maybe the 15 year old is a really cool kid!

MCW said...

Yeah, same question...how old is he?
But, then again I guess you never know!

DYAP said...

So what happened with guy #2 and #3?