Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Limpy, Limpy, Limpy

Seriously? What is up with men and their limpy handshakes? This has happened to me more than once and I don't understand. I am not a waif (by any stretch of the imagination) and I won't break if you shake my hand. But barely grasping my fingers as if they were each the petal of a delicate flower? That is not the way it is done. I was always taught to give firm handshake, not too light (limpy) and not too rough, you don't want to hurt anyone.

Recently for work I have had to shake quite a few hands and all the men treat me the same. I get that same limpy handshake wherever I go. Why is that? Are men trying to use the handshake as a way to show their more sensitive sides? Is there a new handshake standard I didn't know about? Now, none of these men I have come into contact with are potential matches, but still, I like a man with a firm handshake. Frankly, I like when people in general give a firm handshake. It makes me feel like you are confidant in your abilities and you want other people to know it without being overly cocky (that comes with the personality sometimes).

So, what do you all think? Is a handshake important? I know its not something really related to dating, but I still had been thinking about it recently.

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MCW said...

A wimpy handshake is a huge turn off for me when I meet a man. Shows no confidence.