Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One Third into Thirty!

Yup, I have been thirty for four months and I won't lie, don't feel like I have all that much to show for it. Besides Poppy (who graduated puppy class!!) there is not too much going on right now with Little Match Girl. I am way too broke to even think about signing up for another, jdate, eHarmony adventure. Maybe I'll find a fun event to go to (and by fun I mean cheap). Do any of you have some ideas of how to add some spice to this operation without breaking my already broken bank?


Accomplice said...

A foxwoods trip! We can drink for free and play the penny slots...and Daddy will be paying for our hotel room (and likely our mani/pedi and our steak dinner, too! God Bless George!) can shake things up for practically free!

MCW said...

Ha...I always have that dilemma. No advice on money :)