Thursday, October 14, 2010

You've Got to Have Friends

I was looking over all of your comments to my last post and I have to say thanks for all of your words of support. For those of you who know me, or only know me through my blog, you know that this whole process has been a difficult, sometimes funny, and many time emotional one. I have loved sharing some of my awesome dating stories with you and most of all, I love hearing all of the advice from the blogger community.
That said I noticed a post that reminded me not to ignore my relationship with friends and with myself. I have to say that is the last thing I would ever want to do! I relish my alone time, and have had the last few nights to myself to think not only about M, but about me and my life. As for my friends....I love my friends! You have all been so great to me for so many years. Just because M is in my life, why would I ever throw that away?! Even though I am so excited to be seeing M again this weekend, that didn't stop me from making plans with some of my girlfriends for the weeks ahead. I love spending time with them! I am looking forward to my brunches at Calle Ocho, my girl's night out dinners, and trips to Target. Of course I would love for M to get to know my friends and visa versa, and I am sure it will happen organically. But I am not walking away from my friendships (and if any of my gals felt like I was, I am me, let's make plans!!!!).

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The Frisky Virgin said...

Aww, yeah, that can happen when you've found--dare I say it--love...friends can get a little sad (happy for you, but sad for them), worried they'll lose their dear friend.

Oh, and, um, please don't stop blogging! It gives single girls hope that we'll all eventually find him.