Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's For Dinner

Since M and I have begun dating we usually would go out for dinner or lunch (there were also a few rare occasions when we would order in). But recently we have begun to change up that routine. I have been cooking dinner in the evenings that we are both at my place. I feel like a little Balabusta (as my Savta would say...it's Yiddish). I have actually really enjoyed these nights when M just comes over and I am in the kitchen making something yummy. And the other day we reversed the roles and M made me a really delicious breakfast! It is funny though, I never thought that would be something I would enjoy. I mean, I have always really liked to cook, but I never thought about how much I would enjoy cooking for someone else. It makes me so happy when I see how much M enjoys something I have made. And something about the whole thing just feels so natural. It is the days that we are not together that are beginning to feel strange. This is not me saying I have to spend every minute with him. In fact we talked about how great it is that we both do our own thing, me with my friends, him with his, and we still can come home (or rather to each other's places) afterwards and be together. Of course doing things together is great, and I look forward to our next dinner (which is Thanksgiving...at his parents...with his mom!)


Dee Stephens said...

Cooking together and staying in is one of my favorite things to do. Never gets old.

Cinderita said...

Your post did my heart good. I am happy to see that things with M are going well. I for one have high hopes for you! And...I love to cook for others. There's something very magical about having someone else enjoy what you've put together...I love it!