Monday, March 21, 2011

My Timeline

I am feeling overwhelmed with everything that is happening right now! I feel another list coming on, so here goes (I am going to try to go in order)...

  • "M" and I have a wedding to go to on March 27th. That really isn't a big deal and the couple are wonderful so I am looking forward to it. I even switched around my weekend work schedule (yes, I work a second job to barely make ends meet) so that I don't lose out on pay and can still go to the wedding.
  • "M" found someone to take over his lease and has to be out of his apartment by April 1st. That means he has to put all of his stuff into storage until we can move into our new place. And we will be living together until then in my studio. That really isn't too bad since we practically are there all of the time anyway.
  • We are leaving on April 3rd for Ireland for a week! That means that literally three days after "M" moves in with me, we are leaving. We found a family friend to watch Poppy and will be celebrating St. Patrick's day just a little bit late.
  • We arrive back on April 10th, which is one of my best friend's birthdays!! So I'm pretty happy I will be back for that, whatever she has planned (even though I may be a bit jet lagged).
  • April 13th, "M" just got call in for jury duty. Awesome.
  • April 15th, move in day. Which means that after being home from Ireland, I have pretty much no time to pack everything up from my place and arrange the move into our new apartment!
  • April 18th Passover begins, which actually may a good thing, our kitchen will be kosher for Passover because there won't really be anything in it! But having a major holiday right after moving is a lot to handle. The other thing about Passover is that my boss has now decided we will be closed (without pay) for the majority of the holiday. So I will be trying to get extra hours at my second job while trying to unpack and organize the apartment.

I think that is just about everything. There are little things here and there that are stressing me out, like "M"'s mom asking if when her cousin is in town on April 17th if we would want to have him over ( Cancelling cable, electric and everything else at our old places and setting up all of that at our new place. Getting renter's insurance and finding a mover that isn't going to break the bank. Don't get me wrong, I could not be more excited to move in with "M" it is just that the amount of things that need to get done between now and then seem impossible.


MCW said...

You are so busy! I cannot believe you all haven't even moved in together and mom is asking if you want visitors!
Your Ireland trip is going to be so much fun!!!
Once things settle down we will have to get together again...

Dee Stephens said...

I can't believe the Mom either but it is what it is.
Take pics in Ireland! Fun!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Wow! You are so busy! Everything will fall into place for you and the happiness will be overwhelmingly wonderful. Can't wait to hear about your trip! Yes, please take pics!

DYAP said...

I just caught up on about three months of your blog this morning! I know I just spoke to you yesterday and I have already heard all of these things from you, it's still fun to read them. Don't be too stressed out! Enjoy your vacation and take things as they come. But DO NOT have his cousin over right after you come home! Love you!!