Thursday, November 6, 2008

The faceless man

So, you know how some women say they picture their wedding and the groom remains faceless? Yeah, I am not that girl. I don't picture my wedding and I don't have daydreams about some faceless man coming to sweep me off my feet.
So imagine my feelings at having an e-mail waiting for me on with no picture for the sender. I wonder why men do that? I have my picture posted, I think its important. I am not so conceited as to think I am a beauty queen, but I think the pictures I posted accurately show who I am. Why doesn't everyone do the same? I don't think it is shallow to want to see a picture. Let's face it, physical attraction is part of this whole operation. I would be lying if I said looks did not matter at all. They do. Of course a really attractive person could begin to loose their luster is their personality is negative and the same goes the other way. Someone you may not have though of as all that cute to start with could grow on you because they are just that amazing! So, what should I do about this e-mail? Well, according to the rules of "Operation 3.0" I have to respond. So I wrote Mr. I'm too Cool for a Photo back and asked him why he didn't want to put one up. And that's when I got the response, and possibly the answer ask to why. He told me he would be happy to send one to my real e-mail address. Awesome! Just what I want, to give someone who I don't even know my personal e-mail, so he can send a picture I may or may not take a look at and get butterflies!
Oh well, I'll give it to him, because as my mom says, you never know. And besides, if nothing else, it will make a good blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Do it, do it! Faceless man or not, it's one e-mail you can check off the list! We'll get serious about e-mailing after your dinner...or maybe I'll do a few in your absence this weekend...

D said...

Why not go for it girl!! Love you!