Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Year of the Ox!

Yes, 2009 is the Chinese year of the Ox and of course I have to go look up what that is going to mean for me this year. I can never remember what I am according to the Chinese calender, a rat, a monkey, a tiger perhaps? Remember those great placemats at Chinese restaurants that you would look at for your year (and everyone else's at the table) until you spilled wonton soup on it. Well, I don't have one of those placemats handy, but I do have the Internet and I used it to find out that I am a goat! Yes, a goat. Well, in this year of the Ox, what is in store for a Goat like me? Here is the information according to when it comes to a Goat's relationship status this year:
Goat Relationships
The Goat may find solace in your family relations this year, as they will offer you the support you need to see through challenging situations. You may also see a lot of new faces in your life, as you are prone to meet new people this year. Relationships fare well for you, but you may have to be a little more outgoing than you are used to being, in order to see your relationship progress to a higher level. The single Goat may be blessed to have several suitors this year.

Woo Hoo! Several Suitors? This Chinese year thing sounds great! I have gotten an e-mail back from one of my people. So I'm keeping the optimistic vibe and hoping that the year of the Ox will treat this Goat well! :-)

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Sister of Accomplice said...

I love this for you--and sounds promising! You will do just fine--and find someone who deserves you!