Thursday, January 22, 2009

Like a Bad Lifetime Movie

That's what my accomplice has called's selection of men! And I could not agree more! I sign on to e-mail guys and meet my quota for this month (which I am still working on) and I feel like I am looking at the same guys over and over again! Its frustrating! What is a single girl to do? Don't get me wrong, this is not a "woe is me" moment. While I don't think of this whole process as my job, I don't want to keep going if it isn't fun.
So, I just need to come up with ways to keep this whole thing fun! Like tonight my accomplice and I will be online together scoping out any potential matches. Also, I am hoping my newly enlisted help (ie: Accomplice #2, hopefully you know who you are) will get to work. I know I have to get to work too, start going out more and all that. Who knows? maybe on some excursion I'll meet someone great! And it really will be like a Lifetime movie!


Anonymous said...

#2 to the rescue!

DYAP said...

Don't get discouraged! I love you!

Other Sister of Accomplice said...

Could possible another dating site be in order? Match isn't the only one...who knows who else is out there, just not on Match! Keep on truckin'!