Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Phone Call

So yes, he did call, and no, I don't think he is someone I will be going out with. Seriously, what is this matching system eHarmony has? I would love to know! Because if it's goal is to match you with someone you have almost NOTHING in common with, then wow, they are awesome! If their goal is to match me with an over thirty year old man, living at home then they have done their job! Okay, now maybe it is not fair to say all that, so instead, I will just give you a bit of a rundown of the conversation.

He called a little bit after 8 on his way home and from the hello, I wasn't sure if it was a guy or a girl on the phone. He had a really high voice, but I know that I can't just write someone off based on that. I may be a little shallow, but I don't think I am that shallow. So we were chatting a bit about our days and what we usually do after work. He mentioned wanting to go on vacation somewhere beachy and loving to hike and spend time outdoors. I mentioned that I don't like the beach (accomplice knows this is VERY true) and am not much for the outdoors, preferring museums, movies, or theater. Seriously eHarmony, what 29 dimensions did we match on, I would love to know! He asked about my apartment and roommates and I asked the same. Here came that lovely refrain I have gotten so used to "Oh, I am living at home." Ugh, not again! Really? His reasoning? Because he has a lifestyle he wants to lead and can't do it right now, so he will just live at home till he saves and gets to a place where he can live the lifestyle he wants. I'm sorry, but if you are over thirty and living at home because you can't live the lifestyle you want, it is time to either change what you are doing so you can achieve that lifestyle or change your lifestyle expectations! I mean, would I love to live in a high rise doorman amenity filled building? Sure, but I can't right now so I live in a walk up, buzz in, two bedroom with a roommate, not with my parents! I didn't say anything, just listened to his reasoning quietly without saying much. I knew, and I think he did too, that this was going to go nowhere and fast. We both said our goodbyes with a vague "maybe we'll get together sometime" and that was it.

So I guess it is back once again to (I think I have a few days left of my free six months) to send a few e-mails. And I still have eHarmony time left, so I'll use their silly guided communication for another month (you know I am so NOT renewing that service). Any other ideas of things to do to meet someone? Maybe some single bloggers can go out for a night on the town?


flip flops on lex said...

Ugh! That sounds horrible. Over 30 and living at home... what "lifestyle" can you not handle at this point? I have not tried eharmony because of the rigidity of their "matching" system. Best of luck on Match. I ask myself all the time how to meet people... other than keeping my options open, taking opportunities when they are presented, being willing to be set up, online, going out, etc. I have no idea!

Office Buddy said...

Getting out there and using different sources to "find" that special someone is a good thing so kudos on that front. Now as for this gem, he is old enough to realize that living the lifestyle you want is something you have to earn and is not a guarantee in life. Living at home is an OK thing under certain circumstances, but staying at home to maintain your lifestyle is another. A sign of maturity would be to say that you want to live a certain lifestyle but for now you are living one that you can afford. Good for you to realize there is a difference! Hoping only good things come your way!!

MCW said...

That phone call sounds like torture. At lease you both realized it was wrong.
I am always up for a night out :)

Amber said...

That sounds like the typical eH phone call LOL Meeting guys is hard. I've met guys at class and I've been set up. Ultimately though, Match has worked for me in the past.

Have you looked into speed dating or being set up?