Friday, October 2, 2009

Say Hello to Poppy!!

So, for the big 3-0 Mom and Dad of Little Match Girl did not know what to get me. And since they can't just go out and order Mr. Right from a catalogue, they thought that a companion was a good idea anyway. So blog followers, say hello to Poppy! My new little Havanese.

Isn't she just too cute?! So, while she is my dog, she is staying with my sister and brother-in-law for a little while until I go home to get her. That is why she is all dressed up for Halloween, I won't do that to her. So, while I don't have a man, I still will have a warm body to share my bed with this winter!!


MCW said...

AHHHHHH!!!!! I am seriously so jealous! I just wrote on Wednesday how much I want a dog. My stupid apt doesn't allow them. She is adorable! Happy Birthday!

flip flops on lex said...

What a great birthday gift! I wish I could have a dog but I think my roommates would kick me out. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog as another single girl in NYC who sometimes feels like the only single girl in NYC.