Friday, September 17, 2010

The Boyfriend and The Birthday

Wow, I just used the word boyfriend! I know that I mentioned that M and I talked about being exclusive, but I am very wary of using the "B" word. However, the other night M used the word girlfriend about me so I guess that's what it is. And wonder of wonder I am totally great with it! Holy crap, LMG has a boyfriend?! Who ever thought that would happen (I think we all know not me).
Anyway, M did such a great job making me feel special on my birthday. I won't lie having a birthday on a Monday is no fun and having a birthday at my crappy job was even worse! To be honest it isn't even worth getting into. Needless to say I needed a pick me up when I got home. M called me during the day to give me a bit of a hint as to where we were going , the word he gave me was "spicy." My mind was racing to all sorts of different places where we could have been going. When I got home, M came to meet me and we headed in a cab downtown. He apologized for not having a card or anything but he had been running late after a work meeting and wanted to make sure to be on time. I was a little disappointed in not getting at least a card, but once I saw where dinner was I was so excited that it didn't matter! M took me to Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill! I had been there once before with my family but can't really remember it. Anyway, what an AMAZING meal!! I don't think I can go into total details (take a look at the menu, I promise everything was delicious!!) but I will tell you that I enjoyed every single bite. I can tell you that dessert was like nothing I have every had before, a deep dish banana cream pie (which I don't think was like pie at all). OMG, there are no words! The plate said "Happy Birthday" and I got to blow out a candle, and I was just so happy.
After dinner M came over for just a little bit but had to leave since he had an early train to catch (eve though he wanted to stay). All in all, 31 is starting off well and I look forward to what else it has in store.


The Frisky Virgin said...

The "b" word is scary, particularly if he doesn't use the "g" word....BUT he said girlfriend first!!!! I swear, that is a birthday present in and of itself--the guy answered the relationship question first, and with one single word! I'm so happy for you!!!!!

What a wonderful birthday you had!!! Happy Birthday!!!

MCW said...

Love the boyfriend word :)