Monday, September 27, 2010

Splitting the Bill

So this story comes from a lovely single gal I met out at a brunch recently. We were all sharing some of our more interesting dating stories, but I think S's story was by far the best! And with her permission, here it is.

S is a runner and has been working with a training group (which by the way, what a great way to meet people). She met a guy (I am going to call him Big Spender, BS for short) and they became friendly until one day he asked her out on a date. S was super excited and said yes! Well, BS suggested a really nice place that was a bit pricey, but S figured okay. When they arrived at the restaurant, BS suggested appetizers and entrees and S happily agreed to it all. After all, he had asked her out and she was just along for the ride. She was enjoying herself and they enjoyed a lovely (and expensive) dinner. When the bill came BS asked S to split the bill. Well, S was shocked (and this is my favorite part of the story) she said sure, took the bill from him and tore it two pieces. She handed the half with the total and said, "that's your part."

Best dating story ever!! What do you think? Should BS have paid the whole bill or was it right for him to ask to split it. I mean he did pick the expensive place and pushed to order more items. What do you all have to say....I can't wait to read your responses!!


Dee Stephens said...

BS sucky long times..
I would have split it but then(because I'm not that ballsy)drunk texted him later that he was an a-hole.
Just to be honest ;)

The Doctor said...

If a guy asks you out, he pays for the first date. End of story. You can offer when the bill arrives, or reach for your first purse, but if he didnt pay entirely i wouldn't see him again. Splitting bills comes on subsequent dates, or for when you agree to meet for coffee when it's a set-up 1st meeting -- not when he's asked you out. Sorry if that's old fashioned, if you are poor than pick a cheap place, or just order appetizers, but it's true!

SSW said...

Yes I agree if a man asked you out he should pay. If I ask out someone I always pay. I have never halved a bill per-say but I have felt un-comfortable on a date and asked the waiter when my date got up to use the restroom to please bring two separate checks. How rude of BS, he should have been more upfront about his intentions. NO second date for him!

MCW said...

That is insane! Girls should never pay...I love what she did. I may have walked out!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree on what The Doctor's said. If i were on that situation, I'd be very glad to walk out that door and let him wash the dishes in the kitchen. Haha! Her story was hilarious! :))