Tuesday, September 28, 2010


...does not exist in a vaccum. This is according to my very best friend (the person who knows me better than myself) who is going through a very difficult time at the moment. Now, I know she sometimes reads this and I would never share what is going on without her permission. But I hope that you can all just send some positive thoughts out to the universe for her. I have been on and off the phone with her all week and even made a trip to see her so I could be with her through this. All I want to do is make everything better for her, my heart is breaking for my best friend.
And in the middle of all of that, my heart is so happy with this new relationship with M. I know that I light up whenever we are together and even my mother says I sound happy and different on the phone. Everything is so much better when he is around and I love every minute we spend together. While there has been no decleration of love, there has been the decleration of being on the way there. I can say in all honesty that I have never been with someone that I felt like this about. And I know (as I said before) it hasn't been that long, but I don't want to change any of it. I think about him being there for things down the road, like holidays and family stuff (I have never done that before). I told a friend that this is all so weird, but she says it is all just wonderful and to go along with it. So that is what I am going to do.
But in the middle of it all, there is my best friend. The one person who wanted this for me more than anyone else and I don't want to tell her how happy I am while she is so upset. I know that things happen for a reason, and I know in my heart that she will be okay. I just wish this wasn't all happening right now.

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MCW said...

That is a really hard situation. But, I am sure your friend is thrilled for you and really happy, even if it is really hard for her now. All things work out for a reason.