Tuesday, September 7, 2010


What. A. Weekend.

So, I took a really long weekend this past Labor Day starting with taking Thursday off as my mother was in town for the US open. We woke up early, took Poppy for a walk and then headed out to Flushing Meadows. I have been to tennis matches before in Miami (yes, I still call it the Lipton), but this was something totally different. The grounds of the open are HUGE! There were people everywhere and it was soooo hot!

As you can see from the picture, I was fully prepared with my big hat, sunglasses, and I got a great fan to use as well! I kept reapplying my spf 45 and I was good to go. We had so much fun with a group of ladies, drinking mojitos, hitting up the Heineken lounge, finding cooling spots, and of course watching some tennis! When my mom and I got home we were pooped! We bought a sandwich to share and just watched tv until we went to sleep.

Friday came and my mom headed back home. It was a good thing too, since M and I had planned to spend the day together and my mom didn't want to "cramp my style." M took the day off from work and came into the city and we headed down to the Museum of Natural History (after a quick bite at the Whole Foods uptown). Now, I had never been to this museum before although I have seen the movie, so I was super excited to see the big whale! That was pretty much the only thing I wanted to look at and M was just happy to be out of work (and in air conditioning). We walked around the museum a bit and then headed out to pick up Poppy who was at the groomer's. We also wanted to be back uptown before Earl rained down on us (which we know didn't really happen). After having a short rest inside we headed out to dinner and a movie. Without even knowing it we had a theme going for the evening, a yummy Italian meal, followed my cool gelato, and then "The American" (which if you don't know takes place in Italy). After the movie we were both exhausted and we went back to my place and went to sleep (after some serious kissing of course).

Saturday morning came all too soon and M and to head out early to meet his dad (it is a Saturday tradition with them). Not a big deal since I had to go to work in the afternoon (my second job as a receptionist) and I wanted to watch some of the Gator game (opening day in the SWAMP....Go Gators!!!). After the game was over and I was at work my phone rang. It was M. He explained that the family plans he thought he had were cancelled and since I had mentioned going out with friends after work he was thinking he would come back into the city to join in. I was so excited! Of course he could come, I had invited him before he left that morning. So when I got home from work he met me a few minutes later and we headed out for some dinner and drinks with some friends from college (including my former roommate and one of my best friends, A). I have to say that I was really surprised he wanted to come, meeting friends can be a big deal. But I think the situation was so relaxed and calm that it was just easy. After dinner we headed back to my place and he spent the night again.

Sunday morning rolled around and after I took Poppy for a quick walk we decided to go get some brunch with the dog and sit outside since it was a gorgeous day. We both had to be places in the afternoon, work for me and meeting a friend for him. Since I had to leave before he had to meet his friend, I told him to just stay at my place and the door would lock behind him when he left. I went to work and I'll admit I was so bored. It was not that busy, so thank goodness for my friend A who stopped by a few times to update me on her thoughts about M (all good). When I finally got to go home I took Poppy out before meeting A and some friends for dinner and noticed that M's car was still around the corner. A few minutes after the walk, he called mentioning he was headed back to my area to get his car and wondered where I was. I told him I was out with friends and he should come meet us for a drink (since I knew he had already had dinner with his friend). Well, one drink turned into a few drinks and needless to say M spent the night again. Somewhere in the middle of the drinking and picture taking and all around good time, M and I decided we don't really want to see other people since we are enjoying being with each other so much. And I really am enjoying the time I spend with him, it is just so easy.

On Monday M really did have to leave and I had plans for breakfast so he dropped me off at the bagel shop and went on his way. I don't know when we are seeing each other again because the Jewish holidays are upon us (when did that happen?!?). I will be traveling for a part of it and he may be traveling on the days when it isn't a holiday. In the midst of this, today is his birthday and mine is next Monday! So, we for sure want to do something for that (any ideas?).

Also, as I mentioned in another post, my friend Crusher's wedding is coming up. She recently sent me an e-mail mentioning that I could bring M. What do you think? Should I ask him if he wants to come? I mean going out with friends for drinks a couple of times is one thing, but a wedding? I just don't know....help!

In other news....thanks so much to my fellow bloggers for the awards I got! I will be posting about them in other entry as this one seems a little long as it is, so stay tuned!


MCW said...

Things with M are going so well...slow and steady wins the race! Took awhile with all of the traveling that you two do, but the fact that you all had a talk about seeing other people is amazing.
Take him to the wedding...no question about it!

Anonymous said...

I STILL don't understand how you had the "don't want to see other people talk" in the time it took me to go to the bathroom and come back!!! SO much fun spending time with you this weekend and getting to meet M!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Things with M are really evolving!!! Fantastic post, by the way!

Dee Stephens said...

ask him about the wedding...he'll probably will want to go!

Crusher said...

Cheering you on from DC! It's great to hear you so excited and girly about a boy :) I hope he knows how lucky he is. Can't wait to see you in just a month!