Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shallow LMG?

So, I have been back on and signed up for eHarmony. I decided not to let this whole thing with "F" ruin "Operation 3.0" for me and I won't! What I forgot was how disheartening the whole online dating thing is. Let's start with, since its old familiar really.

I will look through countless of profiles, most of which I have already seen, before I find one or two that I would want to e-mail. I won't lie, I haven't sent an e-mail yet. I have winked at a couple of people and I mentioned e-mailing to my accomplice. So hopefully we'll do that this weekend. {Accomplice: if you are reading this then hopefully that means your computer is fixed!!!}

Now, onto eHarmony the new and exciting form of matching based on all sorts of levels of compatibility. I sat through the eight million question survey, paid the overpriced fee and waited for matches to be sent my way. I have heard alot of people say that eHarmony doesn't match Jews, but I have to say, I have gotten quite a number of matches, and I rated religious compatibility as being very important. Now, there is a whole process to this also, you can't just decide to want to e-mail one of your matches. You have to go through three other steps before you reach 'open communication.' So I open my matches daily (some of whom live so far from NY, I wonder if eHarmony owns a map!) and take a look at what I have been offered. I have to say, its been an interesting process. There have not been that many people I really want to communicate with, even if eHarmony thinks we would be a great match! Out of the over thirty people that I ahve been matched with I have sent maybe ten of them the first round of communication questions and of course none of them have responded. I have been sent first round requests from some other matches and I have responded to two of them. But for the most part, I feel like I am so shallow because looks wise? Woah! Not anyone I would ever want to go out with. I am not saying I am a super model, far from it. But eHarmony is kidding itself it thinks that looks are not important at all. I think you do have to find the person you are with attractive. I am not saying my jaw has to fall on the floor because I am matched with some hottie. But I would like to open a profile, or a request for communication and not immideiatly think of "Revenge of the Nerds" and not in a funny way!

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MCW said...

And don't you love how on the eharmony website all of the people are so attractive??? I have looked at matches on there before...ugh. Maybe they are hoping you fall in love with the person over their annoying questions and then looks don't matter??? Ha