Monday, August 31, 2009

No Chemistry?!

So I have been plugging away at this whole eHarmony thing and I have to say I can't say it is all that different from any other online dating site. I mean, you get your matches sent to you and you can review them before you decide if you want to move forward with communication. You can look at their various pictures (some guys posting pics dating back to 2006...not okay) and read what they have to say about themselves, their passions, and their goals. Seems pretty straightforward. Once you decide if you want to communicate you can send that person some introductory multiple choice questions and basically move forward from there.
Here is where it gets can also decide that a person is not your match. Basically you've read what they had to say and looked at their photos and decided they are just not for you. Now, I won't lie, I have done that, just closed a match because I just didn't find them attractive (shallow much?). I usually just click that I want to close the match and list my reason as "other." I think people get the point without being cruel, you know? Well, today someone closed their match with me and listed the reason as "I don't feel that the chemistry is there." Yes, because clearly you can sense chemistry from three pictures and my answers to some inane questions. Just click "other" because dude, I wasn't attracted to you and your shortness, baldness, or cross eyes either!


MCW said...

He probably knew you were going to turn him down, so he didn't want to feel rejected when you did!

DYAP said...

Just caught up on the past few posts! Stay positive. I love you and I will see you soon!!

Sister of Accomplice said...

Ok Sister-you are going to be just fine--looking forward to seeing you next week--love you tons and so happy to walk with you on Sunday the 13th--you are the BEST!!!!!