Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's talk about sex...or not

So my date with "C" is cancelled. That was fast right?! Well, I was having a nagging feeling about it for while, and then there was the so-called straw that broke the camel's back moment. Allow me to fill you in.
"C" and I were chatting via IM, just doing the general get to know you business when the issue of sex came up. Now I am not a prude (okay maybe I am a little) and I am not a wild child, but I just felt like that's a conversation you have with someone after you have at least met them. I told "C" what I thought and he was super nice about it. He told me he understood and was looking forward to meeting me.
Well, apparently the subject of sex is the only subject "C" likes to talk about, because it would come up in one way or another in every conversation! I tried to ignore it or gloss over it. I mean, there was a part of my thinking, "finally, there is a guy out there who may actually be interested in taking you out, who cares if he talks about sex? he is a guy, its what they do!"
But the more he brought it up, the more uncomfortable I started to become, until finally he broke out this winner:
"If we hit it off on our first date, would you be willing to go with me to a swingers club on our second date?"
EXCUSE ME?! I mean this is someone I met online, had not even gone out with yet and he was asking if I would go to a club where you swap partners? You don't want to have sex me with me on the second date, but you'd like it if I watched you have sex with someone else? Um, no, no I would be willing to go there on a second date or any date...ever!
Look, I am not against that type of lifestyle, its just not the lifestyle for me. So I guess its back to the drawing board accomplices. I mean, I don't know about you, but I think I deserve better than "C."


L said...

OMG--all you can do it put it behind you and move on to "D," whomever he may be! Yikes! Better off that you NEVER met this guy! XO L

Anonymous said...

Well since this didn't work I was glad you checked out the Nice Jewish Guys in the click and pick I sent you. Maybe one of them will turn into prince charming. ;D!

DYAP said...

EWWW. Definitely not for you!! Next please!