Monday, November 24, 2008

Nice (not Jewish) Guys

So, I have been on for two months now and have sent out over twenty e-mails. I have not gotten a great return in terms of responses, but one is better than none right? Anyway, I figured if I am sending out mass e-mails, I must get some too right? I filled out my profile completely putting in the information that is important to me (ie: meeting a nice Jewish guy, right mom?) and put up some cute pictures. So, how many e-mails from nice Jewish guys have I gotten?
E-mails from nice non-Jewish guys?
That's right I have gotten three e-mails from non-Jewish guys saying how great, cute, funny and generally awesome I am! One of them asked if I would let the whole non-Jewish thing slide. I wrote him back and said thanks, but no thanks (oy! a Sarah Palin reference, sorry!). He then responded again and thanked me for my honesty, saying that I was so cute and seemed so nice that he was sure I would have no trouble finding my match.
The next one came from a guy who flat out said he wished he was Jewish, looked at my profile and wanted to wish me luck because he thought I was great! That's so nice!!
The last one came from someone who clearly didn't read my profile as we said we would be a great match, but still nice to know that people are looking!
I just wish it were the people I am looking at too. I won't lie, these e-mails did my ego a little boost (a much needed one I must say). It was nice to know that my profile caught people's attention and my pictures were cute. Now if only they could pass that profile along to their Jewish friends....

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Sister Of Accomplice said...

You are so adorable--I Won't Lie! He is out there.......somewhere........

Would it confuse them even more if you tell them how you celebrate Christmas??