Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Seriously?! (with additions)

So, I just got two new e-mails on match today! One from someone who made his entire e-mail a run-on sentence with no regard for grammar or spelling. For an example: "u bein jus the girl i like" So needless to say I will not be writing back to him!
The other one came from a man whose match screen name was "bigblackman" with some numbers after it (must protect the innocent after all). Now, I have nothing against a big black man, Blair Underwood anyone? But it just goes back to the whole non-Jewish thing. It states clearly in my profile that that is what I am looking for! Are people not reading it? And what is making all these people who are clearly not matches for me find my profile? My accomplice said I should just think its flattering and enjoy the fact that people are interested. Believe me I do! But on the other hand, I've sent out bunches of e-mails to people and still waiting for responses. Maybe I am asking for too much? So, what do you say accomplices...what else should I be doing to really get "Operation 3.0" moving?

Oh! And its not all bad, "B" did e-mail me back (six days after my e-mail to him). I'll try to arrange a date so we can just get this e-mail game over with!!


So, "bigblackman" e-mailed me again! This time asking me out on a date. So I did respond and said the following:
"Thanks for your interest, but I am looking for a nice Jewish boy to bring home to mom. Good Luck!"
I thought it was a nice way to respond and I don't think I'll hear from him again.
I also got a response from "B" on the same day! I am shocked, I really don't know what to do with myself, its so unlike him! Anyway, we have a date set up for next Wed at 8. The one thing he tried to do was ask me where to go, but since he is the one who wanted to make the date, I thought he should pick the place. I didn't say that though don't worry! I did say that since he is coming from class or whatever, he should pick a place and I would be happy to meet him there. I know some of you will think I am being stupid and should have just picked and whatever, but call me a bit old fashioned, I like for the man to do all of that.
Well...for the first date at least!


With Love from New Orleans said...

My girlfriend found her boyfriend on and they have been together for a really long time! I think you should definitely stick it out! You never know who is out there! I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

OK. Someone once said that good things come to those who wait. Well, you have been patient and dealt with some interesting characters along the way. Hopefully now that he seems to have fallen out of this pattern of wait and see, at the very least you may have an entertaining evening. Time will tell. Until the next installment....

DYAP said...

I am glad that you two finally set up a time to meet. I can't wait to hear what happens. LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

hi it's me, Sharon : ) Your blog is so much fun to read! Ok so I remember when I was on Jdate and getting emails from guys in Zimbabwee or 70 year olds and yes it's great they are interested but it was SO annoying bc they weren't people I would ever go out with. So I hear your frustration and totally get it. I say just keep emailing the ones YOU are interested in. Someone amazing will bite. I know it!