Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So, I decided that if "Operation 3.0" is to have a chance I have to try other things as well as I can't put all my eggs in one basket, if you will. Besides, my mother gets on my nerves asking me what else I am doing to meet people. So I decided to give speed dating a chance. I convinced a friend that she had to try it too so I would not be alone and we were off to the Upper East Side for a chance to meet eight single Jewish men. Mom will be so proud!!
So off I went to the speed dating venue, of course my friend and I were the first ones there (I am big on punctuality). We ordered a couple of drinks and sat back waiting for the event to start. As people trickled in I noticed that most of the guys there were either younger than me or really small (like I could break them). But I had promised to be open minded and so I was, I sat down for the first of my six dates.
Surprise, little guy was super funny and really nice. But there was no physical attraction, like I said, I could break him. I mean, I am not huge by any means, but he was maybe a third of my size soaking wet. Whatever, he could be a fun person to be friends with. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Next date please...
And then it was all downhill. From the guy whose head seems to be set to bobble, to the guy who didn't ask me one thing about myself. There was one guy who had awful breath and another who seemed to not know what he was doing with his life. Things were not looking good. Last date...Thank goodness...Was he....
Someone I could talk to? Check! Someone who made me laugh? Check! Someone I thought was kind of cute? Check! Could it be that I met someone that I would actually want to see again? Check!
So now I have to see if the feeling is mutual, and of not, there is always another speed dating event, singles party,, set-up or whatever to make mom happy!

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D said...

How do you find out if he feels the same?