Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I should probably update those of you following on the the people I have mentioned in previous posts.
I'll start with speed dating...nothing to report there. But it was still fun, so I would go again (okay mom?).
Needless to say, I was never going to see "A" again, so we can let that go.
As for "B" I did e-mail him back on facebook. I also apologized for taking so long getting back to him. I mean, he did have to wait a whole three days where I was busy with work and traveling (I've been home twice in a week and a half!). As of today, three days since I sent my apology e-mail, I have not heard anything. Is this his way of punishing me? Letting me know just how it feels to be waiting for an e-mail from someone? Trust me "B" I am not sitting by my inbox waiting for you. My friend said this was some kind of guy code, taking the same amount of time to get back to you that you did to them. Well, I am not a follower of all that code, game, rules, stuff. I am a whatever happens, happens sort of person. So I think it is safe to say good-bye to "B."
Remember the faceless man? Well, he has a face now, and its a good one! We will now call him "C" and I have a date with him this Thursday! We have chatted a bit online and he seems nice, there is just one thing, but it deserves a post of its own...stay tuned!

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Accomplice said...

Who was this "B" character? And I'm so glad to know that one of my e-mails got a response! We'll need to sign on so I can refresh my memory-and a date with the faceless man? Is this the IM man? It's so hard to keep up...