Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feeling old

I went to an event last night that was a fundraiser that a friend asked me to go to. So I paid my money and thought, you never know I just might meet someone. I met up with some of my girlfriends and in we went (okay, after doing a short lap around the shops at Bryant Park). I went up to the bar, I was not about to turn down my free cocktails, and walked around the place. Well, I would say that the majority of the people there were in their early 20's. Now, I am not saying that's a bad thing, but this is "Operation 3.0" for a reason, namely I am going to be 30. So hooking up with a 20 something isn't exactly what I am looking for. But, no matter, I was determined to have fun anyway. I didn't want to let my cute outfit go to waste after all. However, I think other than the free drinks the event was sort of a bust. I had fun with my friends, talked to a couple of people and went home. So maybe I felt a little bit like and old lady, but I did go, and that's half the battle right? Just to get myself out there.
It may not have been a success in the way some of you are thinking. But I think for me it was good to just go out and do something a little different. For those of you reading who know me, you know why. But for those that don't, here is some insight into this Little Match Girl, I'm not big on social event stuff. There are alot of reasons for this, but mainly, I just get nervous being with lots of people I don't know. So it has kept me from doing some things, but I have gotten so much better so yay for me! Wow, that kind of makes me sound like a hermit, but that's not it either. I just like to stay where I am comfortable with people that I know. So this whole getting out there, "Operation 3.0" thing is a big deal for me! Yay!! So no more pity parties, I am trying, and I know some people may not think its enough or the best way. But I am doing things my way, I am pretty proud of myself! :-)

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With Love from New Orleans said...

Girl... I know the feeling. That is really awesome.. I am so proud! Go get em!