Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another one bites the dust?

So, "B" finally e-mailed me yesterday about our plans for Wed! Well, he e-mailed to say he can't make it. This whole back and forth is getting a bit ridiculous. And frankly I have plans already on Saturday, so I am not rearranging my schedule to suit him at this point. I told him what my schedule looks like and I guess we'll see. But I won't lie, "B" has gotten on my nerves so much I don't know if I even want to meet him. My accomplice said that I have already made up my mind and I should just forget it because chances are if I do meet him, I probably wouldn't even give him a fair chance. I know she is right, but I thought I would take to the blog and see what you guys think. So, should I give "B" a chance or just move on?
Then the issue becomes, move on to what? I sent out another barrage of e-mails this weekend with my accomplice. I have not gotten any responses. When do you get to the point that it doesn't bother you anymore? My mother says you have to treat this whole thing like a job and just keep going. But if you do that its really not fun anymore. Besides, how much rejection should one person have to take? I'll just have to save the e-mail from"bigblackman" to remind me that there are some people out there who think I am worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi it's Sharon again.ok- so I am in agreement with your marmy. I treated it like a job and just kept going on as many dates as I could-- of course with guys I actually thought had potential. Regarding B- he is being flaky and showing us he's not really looking for a serious relationship. A guy that REALLY wants one plans dates and responds in a timely manner. No playing games like he seems to be playing. If he asks you out and actually sticks to a plan then go out with him, otherwise move on. And again someone you like will come through. Stick with it girl!