Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Problem solved!?

So, I was kind of bored today at work, which is something that happens every now and again. Anyway, I was looking at my yahoo homepage and there was an article that caught my eye. I am pasting it here...

According to relationship experts at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, romantic comedies give people unrealistic ideas about love and sex, and cause them to "fail to communicate with their partner." Here's more:
Psychologists at the family and personal relationships laboratory at the university studied 40 top box office hits between 1995 and 2005, and identified common themes which they believed were unrealistic.
The university's Dr Bjarne Holmes said: "Marriage counselors often see couples who believe that sex should always be perfect, and if someone is meant to be with you then they will know what you want without you needing to communicate it. We now have some emerging evidence that suggests popular media play a role in perpetuating these ideas in people's minds. The problem is that while most of us know that the idea of a perfect relationship is unrealistic, some of us are still more influenced by media portrayals than we realize."
Do you think this is true? Is real-life romance a big ol' letdown? Sure, lots of people like the idea of a perfect man or "happily ever after," but does that mean we're all unable to separate fantasy from reality?
Also, have you ever had an experience that could have been right out of a romantic movie (think John Cusack holding up a boom box)?

Well, there you have it! My love of movies and TV (and probably books too, but so many people forget about reading!) have ruined my chances for meeting anyone. I am so jaded by Tom Hanks standing at the Empire State Building and Richard Gere falling for a hooker and "nobody puts Baby in the corner" that I'll never meet anyone!

Come on! I mean I am a realist and I know that these are just movies, stories made to entertain us. Sure they make us a little more hopeful that we can meet someone who loves us and who we love in return. But do I really think that the next time I am on the train and someone steps on my toe we are going to fall madly in love? I don't think so.


With Love from New Orleans said...

Completely agree! Pish posh!

Other Sister of Accomplice said...

I, too, looked for the impossible...that moment when the eyes lock, the breath quickens, the knees go weak, etc., but found that persitence, acceptance, and a good ole reality check slapped me and said, "hey, give this one a chance, he's really a nice guy"! So what if I didn't have the romantic moment, the look across the room, the "accidental" falling in love? I got the real thing! Yes, there are things I wish he would/could do differently, things I wish I could change, things that I wish could be different, things I wish were different in our past, people in his life that I wish would just disappear, etc. But...the reality is...I love him more every day and being who we are and going through what we have gone through, and go through, on a daily basis makes our relationship what it is and makes the love grow. I would jump in front of a bullet for this man, put my life on the line without even thinking about it, and sometimes want to kill him myself!! People are not perfect. No surprise there, but they are who they are and you just have to realize what YOU can and cannot accept about someone and go from there. The star-crossed lovers thing just ain't gonna happen and hollywood has to stop trying to make us believe that. But that ain't gonna happen either!

You know I love you as much as I do my sisters and consider you a "sister from another mother"...I wish you love always, but realize that sometimes that doesn't come for a while in a relationship. You HAVE to work at it, nothing comes to you just because you want it to, you have to find it and then work to keep it.

Love you LaLa!


Just stumbled across your blog. Love the honesty in your posts :)